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Speech of FGN kilo kilonser atTatar Hoho emergency session

Celebrating the 75 Anniversary of Naga Independence on the 14 Aug. 2022 was an endearing milestone in the annals of Naga history. As we step into a new era of nationalism to conquer and unfold new horizons, it is necessary for us to understand and proclaim the God given right of Naga freedom and Sovereignty of our nation to ourselves and the outside world at this juncture of confusion among the people which resulted due to the much talked about ongoing solution talks under the constitution of India by the negotiating parties.
Therefore, the emergency session of the Tatar Hoho of the FGN was held on Sept 9th at Kohima in which crucial bills were passed to further strengthen the nation. The hoho maintained that the NNC/ FGN under the leadership of the NNC President Gen. (Retd) Thinoselie Keyho and the FGN Kedahge Eno. Vekronü Dozo have nothing to do with the ongoing manipulated solution talks.
It is up to the negotiating parties and the GOI to arrive at any solution that suits their convenience but that will in no way have any bearing on the Independence of Nagaland and the freedom of the Nagas. The Naga cause which was started and raised by the NNC have to settled by the NNC and the GOI simply because it can never be concluded by any other organisation or forum which has no mandate of our people and lack the moral and legal authority.
Mandate means the will and support of all the Nagas who upholds Naga sovereignty by rejecting any other alternative solution within the frame work of Indian constitution. The Indo Naga case is a matter that need to be solved between two nation states; i.e. Naga land and India and not through any other front or platform.
Looking back at our history, we find that the will and aspiration of our people was for the first time raised and voiced through the memorandum to the Simon commission on Jan. 10, 1929. It was followed by the Hyderi Agreement which was not implemented and the Naga Independence declaration to the outside world on the 14th Aug. 1947. The historic voluntary popular plebiscite of 16 May 1951 affirmed the Independence declaration to uphold Naga sovereignty.
However, GOI imposed its election in 1952 and 1957 on the Nagas but our people totally rejected it. Then India coined the Naga People’s Convention (NPC) with handpicked persons to counter the NNC instead of coming out to address the Indo Naga case to solve it at that time. More over the Armed forces special Powers Act (AFPSA) of Assam 1958 was secretly hatched and the true design of India was unleashed on the Nagas to obliterate our identity. This super black law of the claimed biggest democracy in the world; India, continue to bind our people to this day without any compunction, blotting out even International human rights to our people.
The puppet state govt. of Nagaland was installed on 1st Dec. 1963 after signing the 16 Point Agreement with the NPC. So the GOI enforced the divide and rule policy which she inherited from the British colonial empire.
However, unable to contain the Naga movement, India signed the historic Bilateral Ceasefire Agreement with the Federal Govt. of Nagaland on 6 Sept. 1964 wherein all Naga inhabited areas was incorporated. This fact ruled out any ground for any Naga organisation to project or demand integration, a greater Nagaland, a flag or a constitution or an agreed position in the ongoing talks which is only fooling the Nagas of today.
Naturally existing fundamental elements of Naga nation must not be exploited by anybody in any form. It is the mandatory responsibility of each and every Naga from the oldest to the newest born who automatically became a member of the NNC and an equal stake holder, to defend and preserve our right of freedom. In the course of facing with the grim realities of suppression and occupation and the brutal nightmarish horrors of terrorism unleashed by Indian, the Shillong Accord of 5” Nov. 1975 was signed by the representatives of Underground organisations and GOI as found in record. The NNC and FGN was not incorporated in the agreement which can be considered as a legal victory.
Even so taking Shillong Accord as the footstool, some Nagas fractured the Naga integrity for which our people are today addressing the splinter elements at par with the mandated political institution, the NNC such elements tend to compromise our national right of freedom and sovereignty to achieve vested individual and sectoral interest by attempting to hijack the Naga right of Independence.
Nagas of today are embroiled in the face value of visible things only and harming the nation. The educated and capable people of Nagaland too claim that they are Nagas but resort to excuses and try to escape from the yoke of bearing Naga National responsibility in deeds. Our people must understand that seeking self-establishment is whether knowingly or unknowingly doing so at the cost of the blood of Naga martyrs and patriots that spanned for the past 75 years. When will be the right time for the Nagas to do what one claims to be. The Emergency session of the Tatar Hoho, FGN therefore resolved to declare to our nation that the doors and windows are open as ever for each and every Naga to live and work for the nation in the mainstream of nationalism to defend the sovereignty of our nation in which all of us are equal stake holders. Nagas are one and shall be one forever.
Zaleo, Kilo Kilonser, Federal Government of Nagaland

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