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Speeches on Naga Republic Day celebration

Speech by Brig. (Retd) S. Singnya, Kedahge, Fgn

My beloved Country Men and Women,
On this historic occasion of the 67th Naga Republic Day, I greet you all in the name of our Almighty God. It is indeed a great opportunity and a privilege to address you on this red letter day of our nation. At the very outset, I pay my homage and respect to the Founding Fathers of our Nation through whose vision and far sightedness our Nation became a Republic based on the Historical and Political Rights of the Nagas. Our journey thus far has not been easy but our struggle has withstood the test of time.
It was in 1956 on this day the 22nd of March that Nagaland became a Republic when the Naga National Council convened the First Tatar Hohowhich brought together the Free Nagas represented by the Hongki Government and the Naga National Council representing the then Naga Hills District leading to the establishment of the Federal Government of Nagaland. With the National Mandate entrusted to them in 1951 and acknowledging that the Almighty God alone is the Supreme Sovereign over this whole world, and the authority of the people to be exercised on the territory is a sacred trust from God, our leaders established our National institution based on the modern principles and ideals of Democracy, Justice, Liberty and Fraternity.
Today while commemorating 67 years of our existence as a Republic, as we celebrate the courage and vision of our pioneers who had guided and contributed to the formation of our nation, we also rededicate ourselves to follow in their footsteps, to focus on what we all hold dear to our hearts and to address the issues that are confronting us as a people and a nation.
We need to move forward in the best way possible to achieve our goal and follow the path till our historical rights find full expression. Rights, whether it be birth right or historical rights or political rights will not change anything until those rights are legitimately established. Naga nationalism was founded on courage, the courage to believe that Nagas are different and unique as a people and as a nation, founded on the historical and political reality of the time. We must travel back in time to the distant past to reclaim our rights that was declared in unity and trust and struggle together with pride and dignity. We strongly believe that there is a future before us and that it is waiting for those who are morally strong, determined and resolute enough to make it their own.
The NNC/FGN firmly believes that Unity is Strength and the need of the hour for the Nagas is to unite and to stand united against all odds for the Naga Cause and pursue the clarion call of the Nation with one voice.
The NNC/FGN as a part and parcel of the NNPGs continues to support the Working Committee of the NNPGs for an honorable solution the Indo- Naga Political problem based on the historical and political rights of the Nagas, the political dialogue for which was concluded on 31st October 2019.
The NNC/FGN strongly feels that it is the bounden duty of all right thinking Nagas to give refuge and humanitarian aids wherever necessary to our hapless Myanmar Naga brethren who in order to save themselves from the intolerable persecutions and human rights violations of the Myanmar army and their desire to uphold their belief in the Democratic Principles, have crossed the borders and are now in different parts of the Naga inhabited areas.
I pray that God will give us the grace and wisdom to be patient in times of hardship and to guide us in times of hardship as we journey forward. Happy Republic Day.
May God bless you all and KUKNALIM

Speech of Naga Mothers’ Association Secretary, Lochumbeni Humtsoe

Respected Chairman, Hon’ble Yaruwo and members of the collective Leadership, rank and file of the NSCN, Ladies and Gentlemen.
On behalf of the Naga Mothers’ Association, I convey our greetings on the 43rd Republic day celebration and thank the Almighty God for bringing all of us safe from the Pandemic to join your celebration here at Hebron headquarters.
The history of the Naga Political struggle has been fraught with so much sacrifices and pain and the spirit of patriotism has kept burning, all these decades. We acknowledge your dedication to the Naga cause and support the peace negotiations, because we believe our children deserve to live in peace. We urge our leaders here to uphold the principles of reconciliation and create an environment of trust and better understanding for the greater good of the Naga people. Our enemies have watched us for years as we wallowed in our disunity and bloodshed. It is time to rise as true warriors, like our ancestors, with dedication and commitment and work towards a sustainable peace and an honourable future. As mothers, sisters ,wives and daughters, we have walked beside our brothers ,our men in the believe that one day Nagas will be together and live as one people, beyond the imposed borders of our beautiful lands.
We acknowledge the services of our women national workers, both young and old for the Naga nation and we honour each one of you, our brave sisters who continue to stand alongside our brothers, brave and defending our Naga rights. Our land continuous to be threatened by militarization and we bear the deep scars of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act and continue to live traumatized lives without seeing justice. We urge our brothers here, our leaders to support our demand for the repeal of the AFSPA in our Naga areas with the govt of India.
As women we urge for recognition of Naga women’s rights to equality, Peace and security. We call for peace and respect amongst our brothers and urge that there must be a meeting of all leaders, inclusive of all NPGs, at the earliest. Let our children be allowed to live in a world that is free from fear and threats, guns and deaths. Our dreams of the Naga homeland fair and free continues to inspire so many. But we also have a generation that is disillusioned by the selfish interest , infighting amongst our own, undue harassments, our gun culture which is destroying Naga patriotism in our youth,
Today as Mothers, we pray once again for God’s mercy on all our wrongs committed and seek for forgiveness. We pray for courage and moral strength, a revival of when Nagas first began in unity and brotherhood. May we see soon, true Peace, respect for Naga rights and history and the coming together of all our brothers and to uphold our Naga tradition of Peace making that continues to exist an integral part of our Naga Culture.
May God continue to bless and keep all of us united as a Nation and a People.


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