Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Split within Yung Aung-led NSCN (K)

Myanmar-based NSCN (K) Naga Army comprising of GHQ Brigade (II), Tangshang area, Brigade (III), Konyak Region, Wancho Region, Leinong Region have “unanimously” declared not to work under the leadership of Yung Aung starting June 6, 2023.
In a press release, Naga Army “maj. Gen.” Langnyei Konyak stated that they have also declared to defend “our side of the land from the enemy trespassers.”
Alleging that Yung Aung changed the logo of the NSCN/GPRN after his “succession” and adopted a new logo with a new nomenclature, “maj. Gen.” Langnyei Konyak said they have also decided to staring using the original logo and stamp that the Naga Army adopted in 1980. “We shall walk in the footsteps of our most respected Late. Baba S.S Khaplang and his undying principles and values,” “maj. Gen.” Langnyei informed.
Accusing Yung Aung of turning a deaf ear to the cry of the people and the civil society organisations (CSOs) for a long time, “maj. Gen.” Langnyei said that on March 25, 2023 the Naga Army had sent information to all the brigades and units to report to the GHQ on April 5, 2023 for a meeting. However, he said that NSCN (K) led by president Yung Aung conspired against the meeting of the Naga Army and declared the peaceful meeting as “rising against his rule.”
According to “maj. Gen.” Langnyei, the meeting was only meant to discuss the welfare and progress of the Naga Army and the people. He said the meeting was held as scheduled, which it did go well with Yung Aung. Langnyei said Yung Aung then started sending his forces to attack the GHQ since April 3, 2023 and declared “war against all the nation workers who attended the meeting.”
Langnyei said the leaders of the region and the CSOs such as Naga YUYA (Naga Culture Committee Myanmar), Naga Baptist Convention (NBC), Naga Students’ Organisation (NSO), Eastern Naga Students’ Association (ENSA) and Konyak Union Myanmar (KUM) intervened and called for peace. He said CSOs also asked both the GHQ and Council Headquarters (CHQ) to clearly maintain Tigak River as the boundary line till the time the issue was solved and put to rest.
However, while the Naga Army were “busy trying to solve the issue” and bring peace to the land, Langnyei said Yung Aung and his operation continued “disrespecting the boundary line” drawn by CSOs leading to a clash between the two parties on June 5, 2023.
He said Yung Aung sent his armies to attack GHQ of the Naga Army on June 5 by crossing the Tigak River and marched straight to the defence line of the Naga Army in full force. “We only fired in retaliation and by the Grace of God none of us were harmed,” said “maj. Gen.” Langnyei, adding that the casualty report from other side was yet to be ascertained.



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