Sunday, January 29, 2023

Sri Ram Sene leader injured in firing in Belagavi

Sri Ram Sene District President Ravikumar Kokitkar suffered injuries after being shot at by unknown assailants using a pistol at Hindalga village near here, police said.
The outfit’s chief Pramod Muthalik denounced the incident stating that the Sri Ram Sene’s workers stand for Hindutva and would not be intimidated by such attacks.
According to police, the incident happened around 7.30 pm on Saturday when Kokitkar along with his driver Manoj Desurkar and two others were travelling in his car to Hindalga from Belagavi city.
When the car slowed down near the speed breaker, three persons on a motorbike came near the vehicle and one of them fired at Kokitkar, and sped away, police said, adding that it is not clear whether the assailants were following them or were waiting at the spot.
The bullet brushed the chin of Kokitkar injuring him, and his driver too sustained injuries as the bullet hit his hand.
Both have been admitted to a private hospital for treatment, and are out of danger, police said.
Senior police officials have visited the spot, and Belagavi Rural police are investigating it.
Sri Ram Sene chief Muthalik said the outfit and its workers, who stand for Hindutva, will not fear such bullets or weapons.
He urged the police to catch hold of the assailants and punish them, pointing out that CCTV footage will be available as the incident occurred near Hindalga prison.
Recently, Muthalik had stated that he was planning to enter the electoral arena in Karnataka to ‘correct’ the BJP which, according to him, has sidelined its Hindutva agenda.

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