Saturday, December 2, 2023

St. Joseph HSS observes 25th anniv

Staff Reporter

St. Joseph Higher Secondary School, Chumoukedima celebrated its 25th anniversary at the school premise on October 21. Special guest, Advisor to Department of Industries and Commerce Hekani Jakhalu in her speech emphasized the distinctive value proposition of Catholic educational institutions.

Beyond academic excellence, she said the ingrained values imparted during formative years shaped an individual’s character and purpose. These values, in her own experience deeply sown during one’s educational journey, becomes the cornerstone of personal and societal contributions in later life.

Jakhalu, a mother herself, appealed to parents, highlighting the paramount importance of their role in the holistic development of their offspring. She also shed light on the youth’s impending competitive landscape. Given Nagaland’s expanding young demographic, she highlighted the inevitability of competition scaling beyond schoolmates to encompass a broader spectrum of aspirants. Importantly, she reminded everyone that true success lies in finding individual joy and passion, rather than mere adherence to societal norms.

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Speaking as guest of honour, Bishop of Nagaland, Rev. Bishop James Thoppil shared his thoughts on the transformative power of education. He emphasized the institution’s aim to sculpt students into transformative figures, propelling them to become agents of positive change.

Headmistress, Rev. Sr. Maria Goretti Shadap presented the school report. Numbers of items were performed from UKG to 12th standard grade students of which a prayer dance titled ‘The Blessing’ set the tone for the historical celebration. Also taking centre stage was a special number by the alumni. The session was chaired by Kilemsungla S.Jamir and Kaiminthang Singson, attended by well-wishers, parents and diocese of education Kohima.



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