Wednesday, June 7, 2023

ST, LASU condemn Aug 22 alleged assault

Sangtamlarü Thsingmüjang (ST) Longmatra Lihyung has strongly condemned the alleged physical assault on Atsoba T. Sangtam by 14 IR Bn. E-Coy personnel on August 22 at Kiphire village junction.
ST president, Tsolenthsi M and secretary, A. Florance claimed that Atsoba was physically assaulted by 14 IR personnel for parking his truck on the road side.
ST said the prime duty of IR was to give protection and security to the public and not create “fear psychosis and hatred”. It then said, “the brutal assault by the so-called security personnel was unimaginable, disheartening and a serious threat to humanity”.
Further, ST has appealed the law enforcing agencies to book the culprit and award appropriate punishment at the earliest as per the provision of law.
LASU: Longmatra Area Students Union (LASU) has vehemently condemned the alleged physical assault on Atsoba T Sangtam.
LASU president Tethsomong J and secretary Aliba T said the victim was an innocent and law-abiding person and that the atrocious and gruesome behaviour shown toward an innocent young man by 14 IR, E-Coy personnel was “an act of cowardice.”
Pointing out that the jawans taking law into their own hands was “highly questionable” and condemnable, LASU asserted that it would not tolerate any cruelty in a peace-loving society.
It also extended support to the ultimatum served by Longmatra Area Citizens Union Kiphire Town (LACUKT) dated August 23 and demanded that the law enforcing agencies leave no stone unturned and ensure that justice be given to the victim at the earliest.


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