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St. Paul Church, BASU, KBC, Airfield Wokha celebrate jubilees

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St Paul Church Chiechama celebrated golden jubilee on December 17 while Borlengri Ao Students’ Union (BASU), Koinonia Baptist Church (KBC) and Airfield Colony Wokha celebrated their respective silver jubilees.
St Paul Catholic Church Chiechama celebrated the jubilee under “Clothe yourselves with love’’ (Col 3:14) at St Paul Catholic Church, Chiechama.
Bishop of Kohima, Most Rev. Dr James Thoppil, who graced as the main celebrant said that jubilee was a time for repentance, reformation and re-dedication and urged the gathering to re-dedicate themselves and commit their lives with full faith during the celebration.
He lauded the pioneers for their courage and commitment and reminded the people to carry forward their legacy and appealed them to live by the ‘Catholic faith’ and make a difference in the society. Narrating the story of Alexander the Great, Bishop Thoppil shared that health was on everyone’s hand and that it needed to look after, saying that wealth was only meaningful if shared with people.
Unveiling of the golden jubilee monolith was also carried out before the initiation of the celebration, while invocation and blessing of the monolith was done by St Dominic Parish Chiephobozou, Rev Fr. John S Kavas.
BASU: Borlengri Ao Students’ Union (BASU) celebrated its silver jubilee under the theme, “Tebenjem” on December 16 at the Borlengri Ao Community ground. Airfield Colony Wokha also celebrated its silver jubilee on December 15.
The main speaker of the BASU jubilee celebration was Rev. Dr. Imchayanger.
Delivering message on the topic, “Liromedem Terenlok”, (balanced growth/development), Dr. Imchayanger called for living by truth, honesty and hard work.
Noting that growth and development was often compared to economic progress, Dr. Imchayanger, however, reminded that human development was a prerequisite, without which there could be no societal or economic progress. He added that growth could happen only when there was human development and balanced distribution of resources.
Asserting that without human growth there could be no material growth, he said, “If the pursuit of material growth precedes human growth, there can be no development.”
Dr. Imchayanger also said that Aos were fortunate to be among the earliest Nagas to have exposure to modern education through the American Christian missionaries. Through this exposure, he said the Ao community developed intellectually and linked up with the wider world thus becoming the frontrunners in the Naga social context.
The main speaker also underscored the importance of preserving culture, identity and mother tongue.
The programme was chaired by BASU executive member, Aotoshi Lkr and associate pastor, CEM BABA, Temsutola Imchen; invocation by BABA, pastor T Apok Jamir and welcome address by BASU president, Limaakum.
Short speeches were also delivered by BASU first president, Imtisangba Jamir and BATC chairman, Oyimbong Longchar; jubilee souvenir was released by BABA Pastor; jubilee planning message was delivered by jubilee convenor, Tongpanglokba; vote of thanks was delivered by BASU vice president Bendangchuba and benediction by UBC pastor Rev Dr Bendang Imchen. Other highlights of the programme included special number and traditional dance by members of BASU.
KBC silver jubilee
Koinonia Baptist Church (KBC) Silver Jubilee celebration entered the second day at NBCC convention centre, here on Saturday. In his sermon, Agapia Social Centre, director, Rev Joy Lalsangkima shared on the importance of discipleship in the life of a believer.
He challenged congregation spread the gospel with grace continue to progress and pass on the message of Salvation.
Earlier, jubilee greeting was delivered by Solomon Waskar from Maharashtra while evening service was led by KBC pastor, Medotsilieu Kiewhuo. Special numbers were presented by jubilee choir, youth & jr CYE choir and Deborah group presented special songs.
On Sunday, the worship service will be held at 10 am with Rev Zotuo Kiewhuo as the speaker while the programme will be led by Khriezovolie Suokhrie.
Airfield Colony Wokha
Airfield Colony Wokha celebrated its silver jubilee with the unveiling and dedication of the jubilee monolith by Wokha Town Baptist Church, Sr. associate pastor, Rev. Nyanchumo Lotha.
A press release by the colony informed that while unveiling and dedicating the jubilee monolith. Rev. Lotha said the colony has come a long way withstanding difficult times in its inception years. As the colony celebrates God’s faithfulness for 25 years, he asked the colony members to embrace the true Christian Spirit of love, forgiveness and oneness and create an atmosphere where all could live meaningful and inclusive lives in the colony.
The jubilee celebration was observed by honouring the pioneers and with thanksgiving to the Lord, informed the release.

Traditional dance presentation by members of BASU. (NP)
Koinonia Baptist Church youths performing a song. (NP)
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