Friday, June 2, 2023

ST status: Meeteis in Dimapur, Chümou hold rally

Even as tribals took out a ‘Solidarity March’ in all ten hill districts of Manipur to oppose inclusion of the majority Meitei community under the Scheduled Tribe (ST) category on Wednesday, the Dimapur Meetei Council (DMC) and Chümoukedima Meetei Council (CMC) organised separate rallies in support for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status demand of Meetei community in Manipur.
DMC through its media cell said, the rally was held on the theme “Peace for Manipur should not be at the cost of Meetei’s survival” in collaboration with World Meetei Council. The council has appealed to the Manipur government to send a recommendation for ST to the Centre at the earliest.
It stated that Manipur High Court last month had already passed an order directing Manipur government to send a recommendation to the Centre within four weeks. However, they said that Manipur government failed to send recommendation till date. The council further said that ST demand was a constitutional right to protect their land and political space.
CMC: Chumoukedima Meetei Council (CMC) through its media cell informed that the Meeteis took out rally in and around Chumoukedima town in solidarity with ST status demand for Meetei community in Manipur.
The council affirmed full support to the demand and the claim that being an indigenous community in Manipur with minimum political space and without constitutional protection of land like other communities could lead to genocide. The council, therefore, appealed to the Manipur government to honour the judgement of the Manipur High Court in the interest of the people.


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