Thursday, December 8, 2022

State govt effects reshuffle of bureaucracy and police set-ups

The state government on Monday effected reshuffle of the bureaucracy (IAS and NCS officers) with immediate effect and directed the officers to complete handing over and taking over charge on or before November 18.
Sushil Kumar Patel, IAS, secretary finance will hold additional charge of labour, employment & skill development (LE&SD) vice Asenla Keitzar, IAS, commr & secy LE&SD (designate) relived. T MhabemoYanthan, IAS,secy to Governor with additional charge of NRE &Team Leader NHBM is relieved of NRE &Team Leader NHBM; Vikeyie Kenya, IAS, secy. Land Resources will hold additional charge of Veterinary & Animal Husbandry; Khrupi Sothu, IAS, secy Vety &AH is transferred as secy NRE.
Hotolu Swu, NCS, addl. Secy. SCERT is transferred as addl. secy. sericulture and Team Leader, NHBM; John Tsulise Sangtam, NCS, secy NPSC is transferred as addl. Secretary Agriculture; Nungsangmenla Imchen, NCS, jt. secy. H&TE is transferred as secy. NPSC. Kumar Ramnikant, IAS, DC Tuensang is transferred as DC Phek; Razouvolie Dozo, NCS, DC Phek is transferred as secy. Horticulture; T. Nungsang Sangtam, NCS,addl. director, ATI (designate) is retained as jt. secy. Social Welfare; T. Nchumbemo Odyuo, NCS, jt.secy. Municipal affairs is transferred DC Noklak.
Hiazu Meru, NCS, DC Noklak transferred as jt. secy. Home; Nokchasashi, NCS, jt. secy School Education transferred as DC Tuensang and Bendanglila, NCS, jt. secy RD to hold addl charge of addl. director ATI. Imsenperong Wati, NCS, ADC Akuluto is posted as ADC Tening; Pakon Phom NCS, ADC Tizit is posted as ADC Aghunato; Albert Ezung NCS, administrator DMC is posted as ADC Meluri;
Alongdhimen Jamir, NCS, dy.secy. Evaluation is posted as ADCLongleng; W. Manpai Phom, NCS, dy.secy. Ind & Comis posted as DMC administrator; Amentoli Anar, NCS,dysecyGeo & Mining is posted as ADCPeren.
Asalie Lese, NCS, dysecyFinance is posted as is ADCSanis; Anoka H Assumi, NCS, ADCAboi is posted as dy.secy. Evaluation; Senlo Tep, NSS, dy.secy. Home is posted as dy. secy parliamentary affairs.
Thangpong, NCS, ADC commr’s office is posted as ADC Satakha; Warren Holohon Yepthomi, NCS dy secy Home is posted as ADC commr’s office; Limanenla, NCS, dy secy Urban (designate) is posted as dy. secy Horticulture; Phuleshe K Yepthomi, NCS, ADC Longkhim posted as ADC Aboi; Zakabo V Rotokha, NCS, MDNH&HDC Ltd, on completion of deputation and reversion to parent cadre is posted as ADC Longkhim; Zapuno Sophie, NCS, dy.secy attached to P&AR is posted as dy.secy Geo & Mining.
Hotulu Sema SDO(C) Dimapur is posted as SDO(C) Mangkolemba; Ruopukuotuo Noudi SDO(C) Jakhama posted as SDO (C), Angjangyang; Weku Zhiemi SDO(C), Tuli is posted as SDO(C), Jakhama; Kedale Sebu SDO(C) Mangkolemba is posted as under secy Municipal Affairs;
Atsungba Walling SDO(C)/BM Tsurangkongis posted as SDO(C)Akuluto with current charge of ADC, Akuluto; Yanithung N NgullieSDO(C)Angjangyangis posted as SDO(C)/BM, Tsurangkong; L. Mongo Khiamniungan EAC Nokhu on promotion is transferred as SDO(C)Chen.
C. Phuniang SDO(C)Noklak is transferred as SDO(C)Pfutsero; T. Sulanthang SDO(C)Bhandari/BM Merapaniis posted as SDO(C)Kiphire; Sentilong Ozukum SDO(C)Mokokchung is posted as SDO (C) Tuensang.
Rongsenmenla SDO(C) Sanis is posted as SDO(C) Mon; Zhoi Lohe SDO(C) Aghunato is posted as SDO(C) Manyakshu; Wacy Kent, under secy. Tourism is posted as under secy. Co-operation; Yashijungla under secy Home is posted as under secy Tourism; Kemciyilie SDO(C)Chen (designate) is posted as SDO(C)Tseminyu; Tsutsowe Kupa SDO(C) Manyakshu (designate) posted as SDO(C) Zubza.
Kikato Chishi, under secy Tribal Affairs is posted as SDO(C)Noklak; Shelley KatirySDO(C) Suruhoto (designate) is posted as SDO(C) Mokokchung; Tokai V Sumi, SDO(C) Tening is posted as SDO(C)Tizit with addl. charge of EAC Hunta; Sukhalu Chishi EAC Atoizu is posted as SDO(C)Tobu; T. Vihoshe Nekka under secy IPR is posted as under secy Minority Affairs; Tiayanger Jamir SDO(C)Zubza is as SDO(C)Suruhoto.
Khiuzan Kaurinta EAC Dimapur is as EAC Niuland; Nukshimatong EAC Dimapur is posted as EACMon; Moasunep K Jingru EAC Seyochung is posted as EAC Aghunato; Abeinuo Jasmine AshaoEACKohima is as EAC Ngwalwa; Kelengunuo Solo EAC Kohima is as EAC Ongpangkong; Yapangmenla JamirEACLongchem is posted as EACAkuluto; Sangpangchang Longkumer EAC Ongpangkong is posted as EAC Chazouba; Limakumla Pongener EAC Chuchuyimlang is posted as EAC Phukungri.
M. Khenpa EAC Mon is posted as EAC Tuli; Renbithung Jami EAC Tizit is posted as EAC Satoi; Menlom EAC Naginimora is posted as EAC Noklak with addl charge of EAC Nokhu; Chubasanen Ozukum EAC Aboi is posted as EAC Kiusam; Ihoilung Chuilo EAC Peren is posted as EAC Seyochung; Er. Mechietsho Koza EAC Phek is posted as EAC Chuchuyimlang; Tselhi-u EAC Phek is posted as EACMon; Dr. Riku Khutso EAC Pfutsero is posted as EAC Atoizu.
Obangnener Jamir EAC Chazouba is posted as EAC Naginimora; Luchui Fithu EAC Phukungri is posted as EAC Chukitong with addl. charge of EAC, Englan; Yitachu Thur EAC Phor is posted as EAC Pungro with addl. charge of EAC,Khonsa; Kihomong Yimchunger EAC Sotokur is posted as EACChare.
Ketsinle Tep EAC Tuensang is posted as EAC Razeba; Toking EAC Tuensang is posted as EACSanis; Yentinoungbou EAC Wokha is posted as EACVK; ArhomoYanthan EAC Sanis is posted as EACAboi; Litsenthung Kikon EAC Sungro is posted as EAC Dimapur; Echungbemo Erui EAC Chukitong with addl. charge of Englan is posted as EACPanso; Nyamok N KonyakEAC Zunheboto is posted as EAC Chetheba; Saku Chingmak EAC Satakha is posted as EAC Meluri with addl. charge of EACPhor.
N. Orenthung Kikon EAC Akuluto is posted as EAC Longchem; Sizin Renttah EAC Satoi is posted as EACSitimi; Molosangla Ozukum EAC Mon is posted as EACKezocha; Ruokuosetuo Tetso EAC Longleng is posted as EACTseminyu; Er. Omegali EAC Chetheba is posted as EACPhek.
Saratho Katiry EAC Pungro is posted as EAC Sungro; S. Chingmei EAC Longleng will hold additional charge of EAC Yachem; Wetsho Lasushe EAC Bhandari will hold additional charge of BM Merapani and Mhashumi T Ezung EAC Aghunato is posted as EAC Chümoukedima.

Sophie transferred as next CP Dimapur

A reshuffle of senior police officers (IPS/NPS) in the rank of IGPs/DIGPs/AIGPs/SPs/Commandants/DCPs etc. was effected Monday. Officers have been directed to complete the handing and taking over of charge withing seven days.
After Monday’s reshuffle incumbent CP Dimapur, Rothihu Tetseo has been transferred as DIG (Range) Kohima while SP Kohima, Kevithuto Sophie has been transferred as the next Commissioner of Police, Dimapur. The Commissionerate of Dimapur also covers the jurisdiction of Chümoukedima and Nuiland districts.
Imlisunep, IPS, IGP (CID) has been transferred as IGP (Vigilance); Rajashekara N, IPS, DIG (Range/NAP) Tuensang has been transferred DIG (Border), Chümoukedima; Vikas Katheria, IPS, DIG (Range/NAP) transferred as DIGP (Range/NAP), Tuensang and shall also hold additional charge of DIG (CID). It also said that the post of DIGP (Range/NAP) Dimapur shall be re-designated as DIGP (CID).
Videlalie Zashu, IPS, DIG (Border) transferred as DIG (Hqr); Roopa M, IPS, DIGP (HR/SJ) transferred as IGP (CID); Joseph Hesso, IPS, DIG (Hqr) transferred as IGP (NPTO); Jatila Jamir, IPS, DCP (Traffic) Dimapur transferred as DIG (Planning/Devp); Narola Sophie, IPS, SP (Security) transferred as DIGP (HR/SJ).
Naieem Mustafa Mansury,IPS, DCP Dimapur transferred as SP Peren; T. Uniel Kichu Ao, IPS, SP(Cyber Security) transferred as SP Mon; Imnalensa, IPS, SP Mon transferred as SP Kohima; Manoj Kumar, IPS, SP(Crime) transferred as SP Mokokchung;
Bharat Laxman Markad, IPS, DCP (Crime) Dimapur transferred as SPPhek; K. Swarnambika, IPS, SP(SB) transferred as SPKiphire.
Vishal, IPS, SP Tuensang transferred as SP Zunheboto; Aotula T.Imchen, IPS, SPMokokchung transferred as SP Wokha; Dr. Pritpai Kaur Liana, IPS, SPNoklak transferred as DCP(Crime) Dimapur; Kanchan Kumar Kandpal,IPS, transferred as SP Tseminyu transferred as SP Tuensang; James Humtsoe, IPS, SP(Border) transferred as SPNoklak.
Temjensenla Jamir, IP,S AIG (Provisioning) transferred as SPTseminyu; T. Chumrenthung, IPS, AIG (Trg PHQ) transferred as SPLongleng.
Ben Longkumer, NPS, Comdt. 13th IR transferred as Comdt. NAPTC; Vekhosa Chakhesang, NPS,Comdt. 10th IR transferred as Comdt. 2nd NAP; Lakha Koza, NPS, Comdt. CIAT transferred as Comdt. 10th IR; KhrodiRhetso, NPS, SP(SCRB) transferred as Comdt. 6th NAP.
VesupraKezo, NPS, SPPhek transferred as DCPDimapur; YanithungEzung, IPS, Comdt. 7th NAP transferred as Comdt. 3rd NAP; Menangmeren, NPS, SPWokha transferred as Comdt. 7th NAP; Yangba Konyak, NPS, Comdt. 11th IR transferred as Comdt. 8th NAP; H. Kuhovi Sema, NPS, SPLongleng transferred as Comdt. 4th NAP; Teisovise Metha, NPS, Comdt. 4th NAP transferred as Comdt. 11th IR; James Kinghen, NPS, Comdt. NAPTC transferred as Comdt. 13th IR.
Joy Thusi Fithu, NPS, SP(Mod) transferred as Comdt. CIAT; Vizoto Hibo, NPS, Comdt. 6th NAP transferred as SP (Crime); BendangyangerSangtamComdt. 3rd NAP transferred as SP(Border), Chümoukedima.
Ruth Murru, NPS, Comdt. 8th NAP transferred as SP(SCRB); Rukewelo Mero, NPS, SPPeren transferred as SP(Organised Crime); I. LimasanenAo, NPS, Comdt. 2nd NAP transferred as SP(SB); Khekhali Y. Sumi, NPS, SPZunheboto transferred as SP(Cyber Security); Muthasuyi, NPS, SPKiphire transferred as SP(Mod); C. LimawatiImchen, NPS, Comdt. 5th NAP transferred as AIG (Provisioning).
Meren Chenth, NPS, Vice PrincipalNPTS transferred as DCP(Traffic)Dimapur; Z. AncheesOdyuo, NPS, Dy. Comdt. 12th IR transferred as CSONagaland Civil Secretariat; Nikho Venuh, NPS, Dy. Comdt. 10th IR transferred as SP(Security); T. Denyong Konyak, NPS, Dy. Comdt. 4th NAP transferred as AIG (Trg PHQ) and T. YarenthungNgullie, NPS, Dy. Comdt. 3rd NAP transferred as Comdt. 5th NAP.

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