Sunday, January 29, 2023

State tour operators hold meet; form association

State tour operators in a meeting decided to form an association under the nomenclature “Nagaland Association of Tour Operators (NATO)”.
In a press release, NATO informed that stakeholders present in the meeting deliberated about the tourism scenario in the state and North East India and a “much-needed association in the state” as tourism was a booming industry.
Stressing on the challenges faced by travel and hospitality industry while recovering from the pandemic, the members of the newly formed association pledged to work and promote Nagaland as “a sustainable and eco-tourism destination”.
The association would be led by Kejaroko Pieru as president, Veluzo Tetseo as general secretary, Limasunep Alinger as assistant general secretary, Khriesinuo Ngacu as treasurer and Veshehu Kezo as information & publicity secretary for a tenure of four years.
Some of the areas where the association aims to focus include—develop and promote tourism and travel industry in Nagaland with the highest standards of service, ethics and professionalism; look into the welfare of the travel and hospitality local stakeholders and to protect them from exploitations.
The association would also explore avenues and opportunities to benefit local communities through sustainable tourism; facilitate inflow of tourist into state with regards to formalities, logistics
and experiences; organise capacity building and HRD programmes, publicity, attend conventions and marketing platforms, awareness and advocacies for stakeholders and local communities and adhere and support to public policies and implementation, make representations on behalf of the association which will help promote and develop tourism.

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