Tuesday, February 7, 2023

State’s 48 regional legislators prisoners of CBI, ED & NIA: Therie

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president K. Therie has alleged that all the 48 MLAs from regional parties in Nagaland (NDPP, NPF, Independents) as coalition partners with BJP “are prisoners of corruption chained by CBI, ED and NIA.”
Therie in a statement pointed out that the BJP is ruling with “the support of CBI, NIA, ED and EVMs” and therefore, “criminals and the corrupt need shelter from BJP because of their crimes”. He therefore demanded to know as to why “should people vote for criminals? Why should the BJP Govt which they support file ED cases against them? They should first come out clean to seek votes.”
He also asserted that politicians of Nagaland cannot “continue to suffer under the dictates of the BJP with their motive of Hindutva.” He mentioned that out of 28 States in the Indian Union, there are 13 BJP ruled states, 13 non-BJP ruled States and two Congress ruled States. He said Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar of the JDU has come out of the BJP Alliance and forged an alliance of JDU and RJD.
According to Therie, there is a “fear factor” that was pressing “innocent intending candidates to seek BJP tickets”. He said the huge mistake will make it difficult for the future generations to recover as long as Christianity continues in Nagaland.
He also opined that “fear of starvation of funds to the State is foolishness” since all schemes that are passed through Constitutional provisions will receive normal funds flow. Therie said the Finance Commission Award given under Art. 280 is released at midnight on the first day of the month to states and that no one can prevent that. Further, he said the state share in the Union Ministries is also well defined and no state can be denied its dues.
Therie went on to state that as a tribal state, Nagaland under Art 275(1) is provided funds for improvement of tribal areas. In addition, to the State List, he said Nagaland has Art.371(A) and therefore,” it (Nagaland) is the most powerful state after the removal of Art 370 from J&K.”
In this regard, Therie appealed to the people to rid themselves of the slavery mentality and build a strong government to deliver justice, provide safety and security to life and property. He further urged upon people to build their own resources to become self-content and work for the welfare of people.

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