Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Strong India is now emerging: President

Asking people to celebrate “Indian-ness” this Republic Day, President Ram Nath Kovind on Tuesday said the country has shown an unmatched resolve in the face of the extraordinary challenge to humankind posed by the coronavirus pandemic and that a strong and sensitive India is now emerging.
In his address to the nation on the eve of 73rd Republic Day, President Kovind noted that democracy, justice, liberty, equality and fraternity form the bedrock of India and stressed that the observance of Fundamental Duties mentioned in the Constitution creates the proper environment for the enjoyment of Fundamental Rights. ”The diversity and vibrancy of our democracy is appreciated world-wide. It is this spirit of unity and of being one nation which is celebrated every year as Republic Day,” he said.
This year’s celebrations may be muted due to pandemic, but the spirit is as strong as ever, Kovind said. He said pandemic management was bound to be more difficult in India due to its high population and other factors.
Doctors, nurses and paramedics have risen to the challenge, working long hours in difficult conditions even at the risk of their lives to attend to patients. Others have kept the nation moving, managing supply chains and utilities, he said.
Hailing the timely interventions by the leadership, policy-makers, administrators and others at the central and state levels during pandemic, Kovind said it is a testimony to India’s spirit in the face of adversity that the economy is on the move again and is projected to grow at an impressive rate in this fiscal, after going through contraction last year.
As the supreme commander of the Armed Forces, Kovind said he was glad to note that it has been a watershed year for women empowerment in the armed forces.
Also, the talent pipeline for the forces will be strengthened with women coming through Sainik Schools and the prestigious National Defence Academy, he said.
Invoking Mahatma Gandhi, President said he would have liked us to celebrate Republic Day by striving to become better human beings and contributing towards the making of a better India and a better world.
“My heartiest greetings to all of you, in India and abroad, on the eve of the 73rd Republic Day! It is an occasion to celebrate what is common to us all, our Indian-ness,” he said.

Nagaland has made an indelible mark in the march towards growth: Gov

DIMAPUR, JAN 25 (NPN): Nagaland governor Prof Jagdish Mukhi maintained that Nagaland has left an indelible mark in the march towards growth and development of the country as the 16th State of the Indian Union.
In his message to the people of the state, on the eve of the Republic Day, Prof. Mukhi said that despite constraints and challenges, Nagaland achieved significant milestones, making it an equal partner in the process of nation building.
He however said that in order to realise optimal output, there was need for exploring and tapping the potential of the natural and human resources, enhancing productivity in all sectors.
Prof Mukhi expressed confidence that people of the state would reap the benefits and propel the State in the road to progress and prosperity of an Atmanirbhar Bharat, he added.
He recalled with pride the nation builders and architects of Constitution of India who framed a unique constitution, making the country a sovereign democratic republic.
The Governor said the nation has emerged stronger and more dynamic amidst the turbulence and challenges, both internal and external, guided by the core principles of the constitution’s preamble that ensured liberty, equality and justice to all citizens.
Paying homage to countless heroes and martyrs whose sacrifices and sufferings led to the creation of this great republic, he expressed gratitude to members of armed forces and security forces whose constant vigil and sacrifices keep “our” country secure and peaceful. He also fondly remembered those whose toils made this Union great and glorious.
He said that under the “dynamic and visionary” leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has made quantum improvement in its capabilities to meet the challenges of Covid-19, including its likely future waves with resolve and determination.
To address the concern that the children might be more vulnerable in the third wave, he pointed out that vaccinationof children under 18 was in progress now.
He also said Nagaland was better prepared today to meet Covid-19 challenges and that the State government significantly enhanced the capacity of public healthcare services with technical and financial support from the Central government.
“In our journey of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, while we take pride in the glories of the past, we would do well to introspect on the core values enshrined in our Constitution” the Governor said. He expressed confidence that if all came together in unity defying all seeming barriers separating people, Nagaland will be on the path to progress and development and urged upon all to reiterate their commitment to peace to ensure a progressive and robust Nagaland.

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