Tuesday, October 3, 2023

STSU launches ‘Khimtan project’ for Govt schools

Shamator Town Student’s Union (STSU), launched “Khimtan project” under the theme “Opening doors through literacy” with an objective to provide free tuition for primary students from class 1 to 5, exclusively for Government Schools under Shamator town on August 25.

STSU in a press release informed that the project was opened at two centers, GPS Shamator B and GMS NAP sector. Under the projects, supplementary education will be provided exclusively to the children studying in government schools, inorder to bring them up to an academic level and reduce dropouts at higher grades.

The project also aimed to provide assistance to students in completing their homework, clarifying their doubts in their subjects and paying more attention to their weaker subjects.

The release further informed that life skills like personality development and awareness on cleanliness and good habitual practices would be taught. Altogether, 129 students have enrolled for the free tuition from five different schools and nine teachers have been engaged in the project.


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