Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Nagaland: Student leader hacked to death by alleged drug peddler in Tizit


In a tragic incident, a student leader from Tizit under Mon district was reportedly hacked to death Thursday morning.
The victim has been identified as Ahoa Konyak, a resident of Tizit town who was serving as Tizit Area Students Union’s (TASU) Action Committee chairman.
According to reports, Ahoa was attacked by one person identified as Menshan Konyak during a surprise check carried out by TASU against drug peddlers. During the altercation, Ahoa was attacked with a machete and died on the spot. The accused, suspected to be a drug peddler was arrested and taken into police custody.

Police sources said they received the information about the incident around 9:30 am, following which the situation in Tizit became volatile. A group of irate locals also set the accused house on fire. However, police said that the situation was brought under control.
A case has registered and investigation was going on, police said.
Shutters down: TASU called for lightning shutters down of all shops under its jurisdiction for 24 hours with effect from May 25, to mourn and as a mark of protest against the brutal killing.
In a circular, TASU president Yanphong Konyak and general secretary Nokmao Konyak have asked all shops to down shutters during the period. The union said that it was compelled to impose such restrictions for the greater safety of the general public.

CM, others condemn
Meanwhile, state chief minister Neiphiu Rio, deputy CM Y. Patton, health minister P Paiwang Konyak, Konyak Union and others condemned the incident.
CM: Rio said he strongly condemned the brutal act that unfolded in Tizit. He further appealed for peace from all sections of society and to cooperate with the authority and assured that justice will be delivered as per the law of the land. He also extended condolences to the family of Ahoa Konyak.
Patton: Y Patton expressed shock and pain over the tragic loss of Ahoa Konyak, chairman of the Action Committee TASU. While condemning the brutal act, Patton said that the sacrifice of late Konyak will never be forgotten and prayed for his soul to rest in peace. He also urged upon all in Tizit and across Nagaland to remain calm and let the law take its course.

Paiwang: Health minister P Paiwang Konyak expressed deep shock and pain to hear the tragic death of Ahoa and strongly condemned the gruesome manner in which he was killed.
He asked the law enforcing agencies to conduct a proper investigation and deliver justice to the victim and his family without delay.
He described the deceased as a young and dedicated leader who stood tall for the welfare of the student community, adding that his commitment, passion and sacrifice for the TASU would never be forgotten.
In his demise, Paiwang said Tizit area students in particular and Konyak community in general had lost a devoted leader and the vacuum thus created would be difficult to fill.
He also conveyed heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family members and prayed and prayed for the departed soul to rest in eternal peace.
KU: Expressing its deep sorrow and outrage at the murder of TASU leader, Konyak Union (KU) also strongly condemned the inhuman and barbaric act of the alleged drug addict and peddler at Pentom ward of Tizit town.

KU in a press release described Ahoa as a dedicated student leader who selflessly worked for the betterment of the society and community at large. His sincere, honest, humble and well-disciplined nature had set an exemplary standard for all. It termed the loss of such a promising young leader as an irreparable tragedy, leaving it and the entire community devastated.
KU strongly condemned the action of the alleged drug addict and peddler, who callously disregarded the value of human life, and demanded that the law enforcing agencies swiftly bring the perpetrator to justice and impose the strictest and severest punishment possible.
It warned that no individual or entity should seek bail for the accused, as it would be a direct challenge to the Konyak civil society.

KU said the incident served as a wake-up call for the entire administration and society. It implored the authorities to declare a state of war against drug users and peddlers, going to the extent of implementing a “shoot at sight” policy.
“The menace they pose to our society and the threats they impose on humanity cannot be tolerated any longer. We must take decisive action to protect our communities from the devastating consequences of drug abuse and trafficking,” KU stated.
KU said it stood firmly in solidarity with the grieving family and assured that it would fight for justice. It appealed to the government to provide the victim’s family necessary ex-gratia and financial assistance in acknowledgement of the sacrifice made by Ahoa Konyak in his noble pursuit of a social cause.
It urged everyone to unite as a community to honour Ahoa Konyak’s memory and continue his legacy of service, while demanding justice, action and a safer future for all.

KSU: Konyak Students’ Union (KSU) too has expressed utter shock over the horrific incident. KSU president T Noklem Konyak and general secretary A Pangnan in a communiqué said the unfortunate incident took place around 8 am when TASU office-bearers, upon being informed about the sale of drugs by the accused, consequently undertook inspection at his residence. During an intense inquiry, the accused allegedly struck the victim with a machete, killing Ahoa on the spot.
They mentioned that one of the burning issues widely discussed at all levels among civil society groups as well as the government was the grave menace of alcohol and drug abuse, particularly in Mon and Nagaland in general.
The union said it had been KSU’s primary agenda to annihilate the scourge of drug and substance abuse in Mon district. Based on KSU’s resolution, they said inspections were carried out periodically.
However, they pointed out that as a student body, the union did not possess sufficient resources, manpower and legal support to achieve the desired goal.
They alleged that most of the measures taken by the government pertaining to drug prohibition were on paper only.
Terming the incident as a wake-up call for Konyak community, they warned that KSU would be compelled to act on its own volition if the government remained adamant and that the latter would be held solely responsible for any untoward consequences.
While strongly condemning the inhuman act, they appealed to the law enforcing agencies to punish the accused as per the law and deliver justice at the earliest.
NSF: Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) also condemned the inhuman action that had cost the life of a student leader while on duty to check the menace of drug trafficking in the area.
In a press release, NSF president Kegwayhun Tep said the federation was deeply anguished at the gruesome murder of Ahoa Konyak allegedly by a drug peddler who reportedly hacked to death the victim.
NSF demanded a befitting punishment to the culprit and insisted that the authority concerned immediately take all measures to curb the flow of drugs and other illegal substances that were corroding the moral of the youth and Naga society.
The federation conveyed deepest condolence to the bereaved family members and expressed his solidarity with the TASU in its noble crusade against social antagonism and other anti-social elements. NSF also prayed for the soul of the departed leader to rest in eternal peace.


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