Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Sumi Hoho, frontal organisations call for free and fair election

Sümi Hoho (SH) and all frontal organisations have called upon all Sumi civil society organisations (CSOs) and Sümi churches to continue to propagate “Clean Election” for a free and fair election.
This was among several resolution adopted at the consultative meeting held on January 26 to deliberate on the issues pertaining to the upcoming State Assembly elections.
The hoho and the frontal organizations also called upon the village councils, colony councils and elders to fully cooperate with the law enforcing agencies and election officials for the smooth conduct and for free and fair election.
According to Sumi Hoho president I Nikheto Jimomi and general secretary Dr Vihuto Asumi, the meeting further resolved to strictly prohibit opening of camps and messes so as to avoid unwanted situations and maintain calm for free and fair election.
The house also entrusted and urged upon the Kükami (GBs), village councils and colony councils to implement the prohibition resolution and ensure its adherence.
Meanwhile, Sumi Hoho, also highlighted about the flow of illegal substances. While appreciating Zunheboto district law enforcing agencies for checking flow of intoxicated substances into the district, the meeting appealed to the agencies to further intensify the drive and also monitor sale of such substances and stringently penalise as per law so as to maintain desirable election environment.


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