Friday, December 2, 2022

Surface powdering of NH-29 stretch near Peducha


Black topping with bitumen around Peducha area (NH-29) are peeling off and disintegrating amidst the emergency works being done to welcome visitors to the Hornbill Festival which will commence from the first week of December.
The bitumen applied on the road surface, is hardly an inch thick but could not last even for a day or two as a few thousand vehicles of various weight ply over the stretch daily. Some portions of the road have been totally shorn of the black topping while in some the black topping appeared like sprinkled dust.
When this correspondent went to inspect the ongoing work, it was found there was an air of urgency to paint the road to beat the deadline and the work appeared to be like applying powder on the face.
As several hundreds of goods-laden trucks ply on the road on a daily basis the powdering or lip-sticking job was vain. The length of the construction work under progress stretches several kilometres. One of the village elders nearby, who is witness to the patching and powdering job, informed this correspondent that cracks and potholes have started to appear on the road even before 24 hours after the job was completed.
Another shopkeeper along the stretch alleged that blacktopping was done just the night before (Thursday) but the stone gravel were already coming off by Friday. The shopkeeper said the labour put into the work for a makeover was in vain. The shopkeeper said that by December, the entire stretch would revert back to its earlier condition and the effort would all be in vain. It was learnt that the work was being undertaken by a Kohima-based company.

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