Thursday, February 9, 2023

SVC bans entry of heavy vehicles

Sovima Village Council (SVC) has prohibited plying of overloaded commercial vehicles under its jurisdiction.
In a statement, SVC secretary, Ruokuosilie Rupreo said roads in Sovima village were constructed in accordance with specifications provided by authorities concerned and specifically meant for small, medium and normal vehicles.
But due to plying of overloaded commercial vehicles under their jurisdiction, the road has been damaged.
However, the SVC said exceptions shall be made on the following: vehicles possessing legal gross vehicle weight documents from any government recognized weigh bridge adhering to the weight regulation specified by the Ministry and vehicles engaged in developmental activities, private or otherwise, with prior permission from the village council.
Therefore, vehicle owners desiring to undertake such activities have been asked to obtain necessary papers free from the village youth organization prior to plying in the village roads.

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