Sunday, February 5, 2023

SVC displeased over ‘intrusion’

Sovima Village Council (SVC) has expressed displeasure over the Central Nagaland Students Association (CNSA) intruding into its jurisdiction and putting up posters and banners “without having the courtesy or decency of giving prior information or taking permission of the Council.”
SVC secretary Ruokuosilie Rupreo reminded that every Naga village has an appropriate and lawful authority established under Nagaland Village & Area Councils Act, 1978, looking after the welfare and wellbeing of the village with a set of conventions and traditions.
SVC said it was only in the fitness of things that guests and visitors to every Naga village bestow due honour and regard to the village authorities before embarking on any activity within the premises of that village. It stated that failure to do so would be construed as an insult and undermining the village authority.
SVC, therefore, urged every individual or organisation to respect the sanctity of Naga villages so that unnecessary acrimony did not arise as “Nagas look forward to an early solution to our political problem and restoration of peace, normalcy and harmony in our society.”

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