Friday, June 2, 2023

TaFMA organizes ‘World Art Day’


Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA) organized World Art Day in collaboration with artists of Nagaland in Coraggio school, Kohima on Saturday.
Exhorting the gathering, TaFMA chairman, Theja Meru pointed out that life would be boring without art as it touches all aspects of life and makes life worth living.
Being an art enthusiast, Meru shared that on a simple white canvas, one could make life into reality and emphasized the power of art that it not only brings colour but also records history like the cave paintings by early men, pyramids in Egypt.
He also encouraged the crowd to take pride in their passion, love their work, and value living it.
Art & Drama Educator, and founder of Artsists of Nagaland, Cynthia Kolakhe highlighted that ‘World Art day’ was an occasion to shine and provide Art in Modern education to various students, with a creative outlet that can improve their problem-solving skills and they would also learn how to think outside the box and explore topics in an unconventional way.
Sharing that topic which are often difficult to teach in the classroom, such as emotions, time and space, could be made easier to understand when paired with art with regular practice to stimulate creativity, inspire confidence, and knowledge and foster personal growth.
The program was chaired by Muzung Yimchunger, and a welcome speech was presented by the Headmistress of Coraggio School, Kohima.


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