Monday, March 27, 2023

Takeaways from 14th NLA election

Going through the electioneering process of Nagaland for the 14 NLA,2023 here I would like to list down some takeaways from a layman’s perspective.

  1. History has been written
    Since 1964 for the first time in history the Nagaland Legislative assembly will have two women elected representatives. The slogan of gender equality can now see the light of the day. If all is well, then as per the directive of the honourable Supreme court and the assurance given by the Chief Minister, Nagaland will soon conduct the infamous municipal election in which one hope to see more women councillors. It is Naga’s humble prayer that the two elected torch bearer in the Assembly will walk the talk.
  2. New wine in the old bottle
    The popular adage “ Old wine in the new bottle “, has at least changed in this 2023 NLA election. Though the bottle (political party) is the same, we can see many new wine (Candidates) winning this election. This sends the message loud and clear that our people are hungry for changes. As you have contested on the manifesto of change, here again it’s our Naga people’s humble prayer that you will not let the people’s hope down. Almost fifty percent i.e 29 new candidates winning this time speaks volumes of how the people wanted change. We are eagerly waiting -Towards A State of Excellence.
  3. Money still matters
    Going through the interviews of some political parties, it is clear that money indeed plays a pivotal role in the electoral process. As the father of Nagaland AZ Phizo remarked “ Nagas will never surrender in the Battle field, but many Nagas will fall when money is shot through the barrel of the gun”. Ofcourse many will say that the loser will make different excuses, but we can’t deny the fact that only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches. And also on the ground I personally have come across/ heard about many people receiving money from different agents of political parties. We have betrayed the clarion call of the churches for clean and fair election so also our faith in Christ. Is Nagaland for Christ a Shame for we Christians???
  4. Keyboard warriors
    I have witnessed and followed many common platforms for different political parties of different constituencies and was in awe to see so many positive comments for some candidates. Sorry but I am using some names as prove- 1. GB Kahuto 2. Er. Thomas 3. Meshenlo Kath and 4. Akavi Zhimomi. Just see how much vote they could muster? To me personally, had all those keyboardist cast their genuine votes than at least one or two of them would have been elected today. Don’t this justify our point no 2 – Money does matters?
    In conclusion, as per my layman’s observations we have two positive take away from this election. Let us prayer fully try to uphold it and take further necessary steps for more improvements. And for the last two negative take away let’s ask for God’s grace and mercy so that we may have His divine intervention to give us courage to overcome our weaknesses. Amen
    Ashi Aier, Midland

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