Sunday, February 5, 2023

Talk show on ‘Scope and Scale of Music in the Present Economy’

Task Force for Music and Arts (TaFMA) Dimapur in collaboration with Yodh-Beth International held a talk show on the topic “Scope and Scale of Music in the Present Economy” on Saturday at Yodh-Beth International Ministry (YBIM) chapel hall Duncan Basti, Dimapur.
During discussion, managing founder director of Pheto Music and Film Academy, Kashito Kiba said that many youngsters and artists were growing in the state music industry.
Having experience in the industry for more than two and a half decades, Kiba shared on how musicians should grow and market their creative works. He also mentioned about how earlier, cassettes and CDs were the dominant music formats but in today’s context, it is the major digital/streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon music, YouTube, etc where one can easily promote their music and through this, expand their careers and businesses. Kiba also stressed on importance of knowing the future market and in today’s scenario, with everything going digital, he lamented that Nagas were very weak in the ‘technical area’ and added that there are few good technicians but very less professional technicians. Further, he added that they needed professional gurus in the field of technicians and until and unless they have such types of professional gurus, the music industry will not grow.
When it comes to music, talent is the most crucial and important thing, Kiba stated and added that TaFMA was really helping upcoming artists however, in one way or the other, they stop halfway.
In the music industry, artists should regard and respect the industry and not treat it as a part time job but as a professional job to be successful, he said.
Kiba said that the second thing in regard to music is to have a ‘unique melody or sound’. Here, he said that Nagas were at an advantage as Nagas are rich in folk and ethnic music.
Managing founder director also advised the gathering that while composing songs, one should think about the concept whilst also keeping in mind that making music is not a one man show but a collective team effort. He urged the gathering to focus on online music and promote the artist as a producer, to never hesitate but be bold enough to talk and share their thoughts.
At the event, special presentations were performed by Yodh-Beth International Theological College and Seminary, Khrutsolu Vero, Visano Kikon, and Rhonbemo Humtsoe; welcome address delivered by district TaFMA partner, Mhonyamo Kikon; and benediction by founder and CEO of Yodh-Beth International, Dr. Yanthungrhomo Mozhui.
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