Monday, February 6, 2023

Teachers’ shortage: Tzurangkong Students’ Conference (TKM) holds peaceful procession


Tzurangkong Students’ Conference (TKM) on Tuesday launched a peaceful procession in protest against state government failure to address shortage of teachers under Tzurangkong range.
More than 500 students took part in the procession.
TKM president, Imlisunep said that it has raised these issues and had even submitted representation to the responsible department on many occasions but their demands were not met.
The Conference has therefore exhausted all means and has restored to peaceful procession to raise their grievance, he said.
He said “instead of deploying teachers more transfers orders of teachers had been issued without replacement till date.”
Earlier, the peaceful procession started from Watiyim Village Gate to Moayimti junction and back to Tzurangkong, and TKM submitted a representation to Border Magistrate and to SDEO, Mangkolemba addressed to the Principal Director, Department of School Education, Kohima demanding that the teacher shortage crisis under various Schools in Tzurangkong range be resolved at the earliest.
TKM further warned that it has decided to take up “diverse steps” until the matter is addressed and fulfilled.

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