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The Hoax about RSS in Nagaland

“RSS is a patriotic organisation of Hindus, nay, all Indians irrespective caste, creed and religion.” thus said Dr. Hokishe Sema, most revered longtime Chief Minister of Nagaland while addressing BJP workers of Nagaland organised under the aegis of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM), Nagaland unit in 2003 at Dimapur. Shri Sema said further, “RSS is the backbone of India and BJP which was earlier BharatiyaJan Sangh (BJS) before its merger to form Janata Party in 1977.Bharatiya Jan Sangh (BJS) was founded in 1951 in Delhi with the support of RSS by Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee -the barrister, academician, former vice chancellor of Calcutta University and the legendary ‘Lion of Bengal’.He died in 1953 in jail in Shrinagar in mysterious condition. Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay, a RSS Pracharak (full-time worker) was General Secretary of BJS. Shri Upadhyay took over as President of BJS in 1953 after SP Mukherjee. The BJS team was joined by Atal Behari Vajpayee, a RSS Pracharak, Lal Krishna Advani – a committed RSS ideologue and the likes.Same BJS was revived and transformed into BJP in 1980 on dithering away of Janata Party. That is how RSS is the godfather of BJP and BJP’s roots lie in RSS. RSS is the patriotic organization manned and managed by most disciplined cadre of full-time workers (pracharaks) with its branches in more than a hundred countries of world including USA,UK, France, Germany and Muslim and Communist countries. In this backdrop, I advise all of you, the BJP workers of Nagaland, to have a close contact with RSS to learn discipline and Indian patriotism provided you have a wish to rise in BJP.”
Hokishe Sema, basically a Congress leader in Nagaland, joined BJP in 1999 and became party’s national executive member. He was unanimously elected leader of the BJP legislature party in 2003.
Dr. Hokishe Sema was no less a Christian. He was a member of Home Mission Board of Nagaland Baptist Council Churches (NBCC) in 1967. He broke away from Church sponsored NNC, joined the group of prominent Naga leaders to form NPC (Naga People’s Convention) headed by Dr. Imkongliba Ao and was the most prominent member of the drafting committee of NPC who played pivotal role in drafting famous 16-Point Agreement 1960. He served as 3rd Chief Minister of Nagaland and the 4rth Governor of Himachal Pradesh. It was he who brought Nagaland from External Affairs Ministry to Home Ministry of the country in 1972 for fast development of Nagaland. For this ‘crime’ (?) Nagaland Church cursed him and NNC ambushed him on August 8, 1972 to kill near Naga Hospital Kohima.
BJP Nagaland was formed in 1986 and since then it has been fighting all the assembly and parliamentary elections in Nagaland. All the times of ensuing Nagaland elections, Church in Nagaland has been issuing its dictates and decrees to Nagaland voters not to vote for BJP on the plea that BJP is the political wing of RSS which is a Hindu organisation. This time too when Assembly election has been declared to be held on February 27, 2023, Nagaland JointChristian Forum (NJCF) has come out with its agenda of hate campaign against BJP under the bogey of RSS. But the oft-repeated propaganda mechanism of Church will not work any more because of the fact –
i. That Nagaland voters has come to know that RSS is best well- wisher of Nagas for its over-all development.
ii. The synthesis of BJP and RSS is open to all Nagas, literate and illiterate, urban and rural both. The conscious voters need not depend on misinformation meticulously spread by Church, its sponsored NGOs and paid agents.
iii. Thousands of literate Naga youths, Christians and Hindu both, are in close contacts of RSS, many of whom are Shakha-goers. They are the silent spokespersons and ambassadors of RSS and BJP in Nagaland.
iv. The Central Government, right from President, Prime Minister and whole Central Cabinet, are manned by BJP leaders who, with no exception, are committed swayamsewak of RSS also.
v. These RSS men in BJP organisation at the helm of affairs in BJP ruled Central Government have brought unprecedented all round development in Nagaland without making any discrimination based on caste, creed and religion.
Our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah and their cabinet colleagues have tried their best to solve problem of Naga insurgency. The Framework Agreement was signed on August 3, 2015 by Th. Muivah and R N Ravi, Assistant National Security Advisorand Interlocutor in presence of Shri Narendra Bhai Modi ji, Home Minister RajnathSingh and BJP National President Amit Shah. For better coordination and sincere effort, Shri Ravi was released from PMO and posted in Kohima as Governor of Nagaland. It was a best opportunity for Nagas to solve so-called Naga problem. Shri Ravi with rich experience tried his level best and even reached upto Khonoma. He demolished Designated Camps which had become centre for anti-social elements that too on government expenditure. He controlled extortion and illegal collection of money by militants at all entry check gates of all towns of Nagaland. He controlled free movement of armed militants masquerading as ‘national worker’ with lethal weapons. The corruption was brought to a considerable low.As a result, peace and harmony prevailed in Nagaland. People of Nagaland were happy and took a sigh of relief. Delhi poured extra money and development in Nagaland took a considerable pace but Muivahwas unhappy for obvious reasons and said he would not talk to Delhi unless Ravi was removed. To end this impasse and encourage Muivah to come forward for permanent solution, he was transferred out as Governor of Tamilnadu. Ravi left Kohima with heavy heart.
The behavior of Muivah has not gone unnoticed by Delhi. Delhi is also not unaware of dubious role of some Kohima political leaders. Unlike PMOs under Manmohan Singh and all previous Congress Prime Ministers, there is no lack of information in today’s PMO under Shri Modi ji. Home Minister Amit Shah ji is also fully armed with all sorts of information with regard to every aspect of Naga insurgency. The role played by Church is also unearthed.The hoax of i. unique history ii. greater Nagaland iii. separate flag iv. separate constitution and v. separate Nagaland,will no longer work. The daydream of Christian solidarity with Christian countries advanced by Church for separate Nagaland has disappeared.
These unhappy incidents caused a great set-back to sincere efforts of Modi ji for bringing permanent solution to Naga problem. RSS too played its constructive role in bringing out peace in Nagaland.
The behavior of Muivah and his lieutenantshas caused road-block.
On the eve of assembly election on February 27, 2023, the syndicate of Church and militant organisations have once again surfaced and become vocal. They have to do it because they are paid for that.
At this stage, every member of Naga samaj particularly the conscious youths are required to pause for a while and think what way to go and whom to vote. They have to think – “By voting which party to rule the state, an emulate of Himant Biswa Sarma of Assam or Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh can emerge from Naga Samaj in Nagaland.”As a life-long worker of RSS who has spent forty years of his prime life in service of Nagas of Nagaland stationed at Kohima, I can assure you, “ RSS and its affiliate organisations including BJP have only one mission –“Building Nagaland economically and culturally strong and a most peaceful state in the country.” Thus, the ball is in your court. Remember, BJP Government in Delhi does not want to go in Kashmir way in Nagaland to avoid unpleasant incidents.
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