Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The paradox of the Naga Club then & now

The Naga Club was founded in the year 1918 with the objective to unite the Nagas and look onto the socio-economic and political upkeep of the Naga society. With these aims and objectives in mind the Naga Club worked tirelessly for the Nagas. The Club reached its zenith with their submission of a memorandum to the Simon Commission in 1929 stating the Nagas’ resentment and their inability to be part of the Reformed Scheme that was supposedly to sweep over India as they were not Indians. So, in no uncertain terms, they requested the British to either govern them directly or leave them alone to determine for themselves as in ancient times.
Today’s Naga Club stands in stark contrast with the Club of the past. The so called Naga Club of today seems to rather divert itself away from the very aims and objectives of the Club of the yesteryears. They have fallen into a quarrel with the NSF as if they are the sole arbiter to the said land on which the old building stands without considering the native landowners, which is Kohima village. This is a stark departure from our culture which the Naga Club of the past sought to preserve. Hence, the Naga Club of today seems to be sowing seeds of division and disarray between the older generation and the younger generation.
The Club also seems to be trying too hard to solve the Indo-Naga issue and is diving blindly into the darkness of Naga national politics by portraying themselves as a national organization. This should not be the case as the old Naga Club has evolved into the Naga Hills District Tribal Council and then to the Naga National Council (NNC). Therefore, going by the Lakhuti Resolution of 1955 of the mandated Naga national organization i.e the NNC, the Naga Club of today should be branded as unlawful and treasonous. The Naga Club of today is a dysfunctional club of dysfunctional people. The composition of the executives of the Naga Club is also very questionable as the President is an aadhar, Indian scheduled tribe/Indigenous certificate for employment, obtaining loans & other benefits from the GOI, Indian voter Id card and Indian Trade license holder. Taking the aims and objectives of the Club into consideration, if such people can take high positions in the club then even their sanity and mental ability can be questioned. Apart from the president, Mr. Khyomo Lotha, a former MP of the Indian Parliament who had taken an oath to safeguard the Indian constitution is an advisor. This gives the common public the impression that the Naga Club is a mere tool in the hands the Indian occupiers.
The Naga Club has run its course in the Naga national affairs. At best it may function as a club of intellects giving their bit to Naga society through their opinions and factual data. Whatever goes beyond that can be considered treacherous and treasonous. To keep such dysfunctional groups at bay as today’s Naga Club and other so called political groups and factions the NNC/FGN must be more proactive by strictly upholding the Lakhuti Resolution instead of mere publishing of articles and celebration of important National Days.
Daniel Shiu
Tipitsuning Village, Myanmar
(Burmese occupied Nagaland)

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