Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The whole world lies in the wicked one
(1 John 5:19 )

God created Adam in innocent and purity, But Adam did not obey God and became a sinner.His descendants united together to become great, to have power against God, and to undo the results of the curse upon the earth.Cain built the first city.His descendants were inventors who made life more pleasant.And ultimately men joined together so that unitedly they might be great and mighty (Genesis 11:4 ) And so the world – society organized by man – came into being.
God occupied Himself with this world.He warned it through Noah. After the Flood He made a new beginning upon a cleansed earth.And when mankind anew turned away from God and turned to idolatry.He took Abram apart, spoke with him, separated his seed from all other peoples,gave them His laws and ordinances, established a covenant with them, and brought them into His land, the land of Emmanuel.We know the outcome of this.They too turned away from God, although God spoke to them through His chastenings, through judges, through kings, and through prophets.Then God sent His Son.He wanted to forgive their sins, and offered reconciliation in the Lord Jesus.”God was in Christ, reconciling the world to himself, not reckoning to them their offences”(2 Corinthians 5:19 ) But the world, instead of excepting the outstretched hand of God, rejected the Lord Jesus.We will not that this man should reign over us!” The reason He was condemned was because He was the Son of God.They crucified Him in cowardly way. At the cross the whole world was united against the Lord.Herod and Pilate became friends.The high priest and the scribes, the highest religious power on earth, joined together with the Roman Empire, the highest political power.The superscription above the cross was written in the three world languages.And all accepted Satan’s direction in their battle against God.There at the cross the whole condition of the world became manifest, not that alone of those men who were present there,but that of humanly organized society.All the resources that society had were used in the battle against God.Now there is no more grace for the world.After the cross God has nothing more to offer.Judgment alone is this world’s portion, and God will presently execute this unsparingly.The Revelation describes this to us in chapters 6 through 20.If God has not yet executed this judgement it is because He is still offering His grace to individuals.He commands these individuals that they be converted, and calls to them,”Come,be reconciled to Me.”(Read more in Scripture)
Abel Shitiri, Manger,
Gospel Truth Centre

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