Sunday, June 4, 2023

K Therie red flags Nagaland Governor on illegal weapons

‘State hand in glove with armed groups’

Former president Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) K Therie has urged upon Nagaland governor La Ganesan, as guardian of the Constitution of India, to raise the issue of constitutional provisions with his council of ministers and wake them up to enforce the rule of the law of the land.
His statement comes against the backdrop of the killing of Ms. Supou P, a final year student of MA (History) by one Thingiu Khiam (36), a deputy kilonser of NSCN (Khango) on May 8 at Zeliangrong colony Dimapur.
Therie maintained that safety and security of the people are not mere words but a matter of life and death and therefore, why should there be loss of life like that of Ms. Supou P? He reiterated that if unauthorised weapons were not in the hands of criminals, then the victim would have been alive. He blamed the state government as being responsible for her death as in the loss of many lives in the same manner.
Therie urged upon the Governor La Ganesan to pay serious concern over safety and security to life and property. He said the opposition-less government in the state was safe and secure but not the public, especially entrepreneurs, as it was “hand in glove with factions”. He alleged that many in the state were “speaking and writing between the lines to avoid provocation for fear of unauthorised weapons”, while complainants are “directed to compromise with factions for future safety as the government cannot be always with them.”
Therie said there were approximately more than 1000 weapons in the hands of factions of which he has lost count but was “enlightened by CNCCI that we have 18 factions.” He said people are paying taxes to 19 groups including the state government and this was the reason why funds could not be utilised for repair of potholes on roads.
Therie pointed out that while negotiations were ongoing between the government of India with NSCN (I-M) and 7-member NNPGs, at one time the chairman of the Cease Fire Monitoring reportedly issued over 700 arms for protection of faction leaders.
Therie said the question posed by Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNCCI): “Who is in-charge?” was the same being asked by every citizen as the existence of the state government is not known. He said all these activities have been happening for years. Therie lamented that the recent assembly election verdict, “appears to favour the continuation of such a situation” though for him, it was a senseless verdict.
However, Therie said though the electoral verdict was senseless, “we cannot ignore the safety and security to life and property of our citizens.” Therie reminded the Governor that the people of Nagaland deserve governance and that there was no need for arms during negotiations.
He asked why not confine weapons of all factions within their respective designated camps? He recalled that in 1954 then NNC which organised the Naga freedom struggle, formed the Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) to defend Nagaland and not to kill brothers or sisters or to extort. Therie said since all factions are in cease fire, it is the bounden duty of the state and government of India “to control unauthorised weapons” and also accelerate development.
However, in case the state government was unwilling to do that, Therie reminded the Governor of options before him. He concluded that expressions of regrets during funerals for victims or giving posthumous awards cannot bring back precious lives lost.


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