Monday, February 6, 2023

Therie reminds BJP of its ‘Election for Solution’ commitment in 2018

Staff Reporter

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president K Therie has reminded BJP, both at the Centre and the State, to keep the commitment of “Election for Solution” made to Nagas during 2018 Assembly election campaign.
Therie said this while addressing a press conference at Congress Bhavan here on Thursday noon. He said it was time for the State BJP to demand settlement and implementation of political solution and also warned that BJP along with UDA would be termed as “liars and traitors” if they failed in this regard.
With the visits of Union Home Minster Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi scheduled, Therie called upon all political parties and people of Nagaland to be realistic and practical in their demands.
He said there was a perception that the visits would determine whether there would be Assembly election or President’s rule would be imposed to implement the political solution.
Therie also called on all the legislators to submit their resignations to Shah, if there was any sincerity on their part, and then ask him(Shah) to implement the political solution since Nagas wanted nothing more or less.
He also reminded that the term of the 13th Nagaland Legislative Assembly ended on March 12, after which it would not be able to pass the budget, with the exception of having a session to just complete the constitutional process.
He pointed out that if chief minister Neiphiu Rio had any resolve to secure political solution, he should also submit his resignation and then request the Central government to implement the political solution.
“If there is an iota of honesty on their part, this is the time they should demand President’srule, defer election and only implement the political solution,” he maintained . Therie also insisted that this should be the stand of the State government. He opined that the Centre could have taken the decision long time back, but for the “hand in glove” relationship between Rio and Muivah, as claimed by Shah. Therie said Shah had instructed Rio to convince Muivah to agree for a final settlement but alleged that both Rio and Muivah were not in favour of it.
He said if both had wanted “a political solution, we would have got it long time back,” and claimed that even the Centre was also aware that Rio and Muivah do not want a solution.
He urged the Central government not to keep Nagas in suspense and that if Nagas were to wait for Rio and Muivah to give their nod to solution, they would never get it.
Therie cautioned that in case Assembly elections were announced without implementation of political solution, it would be very bad for the people as they were not united.
He also said NNPGs had already signed Agreed Position with the Centre and since there was no sovereignty or integration issue, the Nagas do not need to wait for other negotiations to conclude. He asserted that two solutions based on separate agreements could not be implemented in the State.
He therefore demanded that the Agreed Points with NNPGs be implemented for the Nagas of Nagaland
Therie asserted that if Nagas outside Nagaland wanted to wait for more time for a solution, it was upto them but insisted that the Centre should not make Nagas of Nagaland wait any longer.
He accused the 60 MLAs of Nagaland of being indecisive and unable to decide anything – implementation of political solution and on the demand for Frontier Nagaland .
On the demand of Eastern Nagaland People’s Organization (ENPO) for a separate State, Therie claimed that Congress had appealed to ENPO to reconsider the demand while reminding that Nagaland came into being as a result of blood and sweat of Nagas who had suffered immensely. He also noted that Nagaland was too small a State to be further divided.
He mentioned that Article 371 (A) was powerful as it gave Nagas the power to stand on their own feet. He also pointed out that as the Article was enacted especially for all Nagas of Nagaland but would not be valid for Frontier Nagaland.
Therie also appealed to the Centre to not to not divide Nagaland but to address the genuine grievances and issues raised by ENPO. “Justice and equality should be delivered to the ENPO so that they can also stand together with rest of the nation,” he emphasised.
He held all 60 MLAs, including 20 MLAs from ENPO area of being responsible for the current mess and claimed that if a plebiscite was held today, 99% participants would opt for a united Nagaland.

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