Friday, December 2, 2022

Therie urges minority to help build state’s economy

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president, K Therie called upon the citizens of Nagaland from minority communities to show love and interest in building the economy of the state, particularly those engaged in agriculture and allied activities.
A press release by minority department NPCC stated that Therie said this while addressing Congress party members at the handing and taking over of minority department NPCC chairmanship at Congress Bhavan, Dimapur on November 12.
He also asked the minority department of NPCC to shoulder the responsibility of building the economy of the state and to be the bridge between numerous communities of the state. He said the country cannot be called India without the flourishing of such diversity.
Therie said freedom of faith and religion was truly practiced in Nagaland as many Hindus, Muslims, Jains and other minority communities settled and engaged in business activities peacefully even in remote villages without any disturbance.
Reminded the gathering of NPCC’s objective i.e., to serve the interests of the people, Therie expressed confidence that as a legal expert, the new minority department NPCC chairman, Sarif Ahmed, would defend the interests of the people.
He also thanked the outgoing chairman for bringing the department into the “limelight”.
Addressing the gathering, outgoing chairman, Rajesh Kumar Sethi thanked the party for the opportunity to serve the party and the people.
The programme was chaired by NPCC vice president, W. Akum Yim, vote of thanks was delivered by minority department NPCC, vice chairman, Salikur Raja Khan, short speech was delivered by president, District Congress Committee, Dimapur, Kutoho Chishi and benediction by working president cum treasurer, Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee, Bobby Panicker.

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