Friday, January 27, 2023

Time for Nagas to speak the truth: Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu

NPF president Dr Shürhozelie Liezietsu has once again hit out at the State government for failing to manage public money and stressed that it was high time Nagas spoke the truth of what was happening to their rights as they had remained silent for too long.
He maintained that pointing out failures of the present State government on the economic front did not mean accusing anybody, but stressed that it was the people’s right to speak the truth as the government could not suppress this right.
Addressing NPF Zunheboto division during the consultative meeting-cum-oath taking ceremony of newly inducted members at Zunheboto multipurpose hall Thursday, he alleged that the State government had failed in managing public money, and hence urged it to utilise in an appropriate way whereby all-round development reached the public. “If the government spent money for which it is taken for, then there will be visible development,” he underlined and accused the government of having no accountability on the State’s money.
Shürhozelie further stated that the government had no programme for human resource development as people could judge how sincere the government was in this regard, adding that NPF was duty bound to disclose the fact.
He said NPF was the only regional party in the State where every Naga could be a part of, claiming that the party belonged to the people of Nagaland as a whole and all Nagas were part of it. He mentioned that the party was deeply rooted in the unique history of Naga people and that it was the only viable regional political party representing the identity and aspirations of Nagas. Since its inception, he said NPF was the only party to have supported the Naga movement, pointing out that it was the only party that would protect the interest of the people.
The former chief minister also expressed concern over the increasing number of illegal immigrants in the State and stressed that it was high time for the people to deal with the reality else, he warned, they would all become strangers in their own land one day.
Referring to the defection of 21 MLAs, he said that although they had betrayed the party, its functionaries remained intact, and that he had no regret for their defection. He remarked that it was better to have a hundred enemies outside, than having one inside. He reminded the people that the five-year tenure of the present government was getting over and that it was time for them to freely select their best leaders without any fear or without succumbing to any pressure. Dr Shürhozelie said NPF would try to field candidates in all the 60 constituencies in the Assembly election and work hard to form the next government.
In his speech, NPF working president Thenucho Tunyi said if election was held, then it would be very crucial in deciding the future of Nagas. He pointed out that many political leaders shifted from one party to another but development remained the same and hence called for a change in the leadership.
He said Nagas could not expect development under the current government and emphasised that time had come to change it, assuring that if NPF was voted power, then all-round development would be initiated.
NPF secretary general Achumbemo said the party had always stood for an honourable, inclusive and acceptable solution to the Naga political issue and assured that the party was committed to an early solution.
Recalling the 2003 Assembly election results, he pointed out that NPF had come out from nowhere and formed the government. He said this showed that the blessings of Naga people were with the party.
Short speeches were also delivered by NPF’s candidate aspirant Zheito Chophy and Central Women Wing president Yanhola, while working president Dr Huskha Yepthomi administered the oath to the newly-inducted office-bearers of Zunheboto division and ACs.

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