Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Time to settle Naga issue, not election: WC

Working Committee of the Naga National Political Groups (WC, NNPGs) asserted that it was time to settle the Naga political issue and not hold elections, adding that the overwhelming demand of the people for early solution is being ignored and the narrative is shrewdly being manipulated to electoral narrative from political solution.
Hitting out at the oppositionless government for “creating so much friction within Naga tribes”, WC, NNPGs said the Government of India is being misinformed about matters on the ground. It said the Government of India representatives and inner circle of Nagaland’s elected representatives were visibly “saying one thing one day and doing the opposite the next day, playing havoc with the sentiment of the Naga people.”
Pointing out that the July 16 four-point resolution adopted by 60 legislators gave a clear lucid signal to the Centre that the Nagas, state government, apex civil societies and common people were prepared for a political solution, WC, however, said the resolution was not meant to officially reach the Prime Minister’s Office or Union Home Minister’s office, but “a mere exercise to fool the Naga people”.
WC also accused NDPP and BJP of betraying the Nagas by declaring the 40-20 pre-poll alliance on July 26, 2022.
“Naga people and their history cannot be held hostage for cheap political gains for cheap selfish leaders. However, ‘It is time to settle Naga Political solution and not Election’,” WC asserted. WC also said it was time for government of India to be forthcoming. “If a negotiated solution is to be kept undeclared and prolonged, disrespecting and hurting the Naga people’s sentiment, the aggrieved Nagas have every right to revert back to pre-independent India position and status of 1929 memo,” WC stated.

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