Monday, December 5, 2022

TMC spokesperson dares M’laya CM for a debate


Trinamool Congress (TMC) Spokesperson, Saket Gokhale on Tuesday claimed that Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad Sangma is suffering from ‘selective amnesia’.
Gokhale, who had dared Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong for a debate on the issues of misgovernance raised by TMC, made this statement after having received a sneer from Chief Minister Sangma who told reporters : “I don’t know who Saket Gokhale is.”
“.. Though I’m willing to make concession for the fact that this selective amnesia might be a result of reluctance to debate the misgovernance of the MDA government,” Gokhale wrote in a letter to Sangma.
The TMC spokesperson also reminded the Chief Minister that he had met him in 2019 and had dinner together at a famous restaurant in New Delhi and talked about a wide range of topics.
Gokhale had earlier dared Tynsong for a face-to-face debate over ‘misgovernance’ in the state in the presence of the media.
“Over the last one week, several people from the NPP have spoken. Like you, they have all used distractionary tactics and frivolous excuses to escape from debating the one single point that matters i.e. the issues of misgovernance in Meghalaya,” Gokhale said.
“It makes one wonder why the MDA government would be so afraid of a public debate if it is confident about its governance and has nothing to hide,” the TMC leader added.
“I challenge your government to an open debate in front of the press about issues in Meghalaya namely Smart Electricity Meters, contractor cronyism in the Meghalaya Assembly Dome collapse, irregularities in Shillong Smart City Ltd., Saubhagya Scheme, and the Police Vehicle Scam,” he wrote.
“If your government hasn’t done any wrong, I see no reason why you or your ministers should be so afraid of a public debate on very pressing issues,” Gokhale insisted.
“I look forward to your response and for a suitable date anytime according to your convenience in the 1st week of October for a public debate with any minister you’d nominate against me from the MDA government,” the TMC spokesperson pleaded in his letter to the Chief Minister.

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