Sunday, January 29, 2023

TNR calls for redressal of Eastern Nagaland grievances within Nagaland

Suggests alternative arrangements, including restoration of special status

Naga Rising (TNR) has appealed to people of Eastern Nagaland led by Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) and its federating tribe hohos to seek a solution within Nagaland, instead of seeking a separate State of Frontier Nagaland.
The party also suggestedseveral alternative arrangements.
TNR convener Along Longkumer and secretary Khriezo Yhome said TNR understood that the grievances of ENPO required immediate attention and major correction, and admitted that the fruits of development had not reached the grassroots.
They also acknowledged wide gap in development and governancedeficit, which were at the core of the problem, contributing to the present grievances and alienation.
They mentioned that their appeal for unity of people and land was based on the premise that any decision taken today should not be driven by short-term gains, but mut rather serve the larger interest of Naga people and their aspirations for peace, reconciliation and a common territorial and political entity.
The duo pointed out that separation from Nagaland need not necessarily be the answer and suggested exploring alternative arrangements first.
They suggested restoring the special status (regional council) enjoyed by Eastern Nagaland under the erstwhile Tuensang area and recognising it as a Special Development Region (SDR) with full financial independence, but under the administrative control of Nagaland, besides considering allocation of separate budget under special dispensation from the Central government.
The TNR leaders also proposed delegating all subjects/powers to the regional council or legislature consisting of elected representatives from each ENPO district, barring administration, including law and order, which could be under the Nagaland government.
Further, according to them, Eastern Nagaland should continue to be represented in Nagaland Legislative Assembly (NLA) through its elected MLAs.
They proposed that Nagaland government could also explore the option to create a separate ministry, similar to DoNER, to deal exclusively for ENPO areas under a full-fledged Cabinet Minister from the region.
They said prospect of increasing Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha seats by one each, which could be reserved for ENPO areas, could be explored with the Central government.

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