Thursday, November 30, 2023

Tokhu stalls inaugurated in Wokha

Chairman of Lotha Hoho, Er. Mhondamo Ovung inaugurated the Tokhu stalls at the local ground Wokha on November 2. The chief guest Ovung during his speech explained the significance of the Tokhu Emong. He stated that the Lotha Hoho was firstly named as Lotha Tribal Council (LTC) in the in the year 1923 but as the name Lotha Tribal Council was derived from an English word, the tribal bodies felt the need to change the name of the council and derived the name from the local dialect and hence renamed it as Lotha Hoho.

Ovung, however stated that the change in the name of the organisation should not be a hindrance as the only goal of the organisation was to work for the welfare of the Lothas. He also stated that the organisation will be attaining its 100 years jubilee on November 6 and also celebrate the main event of Tokhu Festival on November 7.

He maintained that the mini hornbill was initiated in order to create an atmosphere of joy and enthusiasm amongst the people and also to light up the spirit of Tokhu festival and the Lotha Hoho’s 100 years jubilee. He further urged the people to refrain from getting involved in unethical activities and maintain the decorum set by the organisation.


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