Thursday, March 23, 2023

Training on ‘holistic management’

One day farmer’s training programme on “holistic management of summer vegetable crops” and “input distribution” was conducted on March 15 at Lotsu village, Sanis, Wokha.
A press release by the village council informed that the training was conducted by All India Coordinated Research Project (AICRP-vegetable crops), Nagaland Centre, School of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development (SASRD) Nagaland University (NU) in collaboration with North Eastern Hill Region (NEH) Component for onion and garlic, and NEH Component of vegetable crops, Nagaland Centre.

The aim of the training programme was to highlight the farmers on the identification and management of the various insect pests and diseases in the framers’ field and create awareness on the organic and integrated management of the pests and diseases in the region.
In the first technical session one on “holistic management of insect pests in summer vegetable crops”, assistant professor, department of Entomology, SASRD: NU, Dr. Waluniba emphasized on the methodology and various ideas on insect pest protection of vegetable crops including onion with the use of organic tactics.
He demonstrated on the use of pheromone traps in the vegetable fields and how it could help in managing the male insects.

During the second technical session, assistant pathologist, AICRP (VC), SASRD: NU, Dr. Nayan emphasised on the various ideas and means to identify common diseases in vegetable crops and how they could be managed by integrated means. In the last session, project in-charge, NEH Component & Scientist, AICRP-VC, SASRD: NU, Dr. Moakala Changkiri encouraged the farmers to be more active especially in kitchen gardening and raising their standard of living. The training was attended by about 101 farmer participants.

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