Friday, December 2, 2022

Trainings, demonstrations conducted to enhance farming production in Nagaland

With an objective to enhance farmers productivity and make them self-sufficient, Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) blocks have been conducting various trainings and demonstrations across the state.
Kohima block: A two-day demonstration on winter crops and root crops cum mobilization of farmers’ groups was conducted by ATMA Kohima block conducted at Perizie (L. Khel) and Ziechazou, P. Khel on November 2 and November 3 respectively.
During the programme, ATM, Mayangthemba Longkumer imparted knowledge on improved scientific methods such as proper spacing, advantages of proper tilling operations, methods of seed treatment etc., to the farmers while ATM, Mezhuzovi Belho demonstrated the importance and advantages of a raised seed bed in nursery preparation for vegetable seedlings. Farmers were appraised on the importance of the scientific method for nursery bed preparation. The training was complemented by practical demonstration, whereby important parameters like proper time of sowing, identifying plant diseases’ symptoms, harvesting at the correct time, etc. were discussed in detail by the resource persons. An impromptu farmer and ATMA personnel interaction was held to assess the needs of the farmers for future programmes. ATM, Thejavinuo Mepfuo highlighted the topic, “mobilization of farmers’’ where the farmers were appraised and made aware of the importance of mobilization. The programme was attended by the women farmers group.
Aboi block: One day training on “package of practices of Onion” was conducted by ATMA Mon, Aboi block on November 4 at Langmeang village. At the training, resource person, BTM Mhachamo Ngullie spoke on the importance of nursery management, optimum time for transplanting and advantages of proper spacing between rows and plant to plant. The resource person also demonstrated the preparing raised nursery bed.
Tizit block: ATMA Mon, Tizit block conducted demonstration on nursery seedbed preparation of winter vegetables on November 3 at Tekang village, wherein resource person, ATM Nchumthung Murry gave a demonstration on method of nursery raising on the selected plot. The resource person also highlighted the importance of sites selection for nursery bed preparation, seed selection, optimum sowing time, spacing and time of planting.
Niuland block: A demonstration on cultivation methods of potato tubers was conducted by ATMA Dimapur Niuland block on November 4 at Hovishe Village. During the programme, resource person, BTM Niuland, Demalu Hasnusa informed the farmers that potatoes are grown in Dimapur usually during Rabi season between October and November. He mentioned that soil should be loose in order to provide less resistance to tuber enlargement and that the soil must be fertile and well-drained and proper spacing should be maintained between the tubers. During incidence of pests and diseases, he told farmers to inform ATMA, Agri or KVK at the earliest.
Thonoknyu block: ATMA Thonoknyu block on November 2 conducted demonstration, training and group mobilisation at Peshu village. At the programme, ATM Yanger I Walling gave a demonstration on pea cultivation and T. Achetba Longchar conducted a demonstration on cabbage cultivation while VFA, Pongom trained the farmers on poultry management. Two groups namely Ajoujou Hoikam from Peshu village and the other Mushik Group of Nyukshai village were also mobilised.
Satakha block: ATMA Satakha block conducted demonstrations on cultivation of winter crops and mobilised two groups on November 3 at Lukhai village and Khukiye village. The block also conducted training on livestock management and demonstrations on cultivation of winter crops on November 4 at Aghuyito Village.
Resources person for the demonstrations, BTM, L. Chichamo Shitini and ATM Tovi V Jimomi from ATMA Satakha block gave brief explanation through audio and visual display along with hand-to-hand demonstration. They stressed on the important benefits and positive effect on scientific way of cultivation and livestock management to wider impact on agricultural and environment as a whole. Farmers were also encouraged to focus in agriculture, as agriculture sector was going to be one of the major impacts and the key pillars for the economy of the state. The resource persons also stressed on important of soil management practices to improve soil health and the importance of intercropping and line sowing cum organic farming.
Shamator block: ATMA Shamator block, Tuensang conducted training and demonstration on November 3 at Rurur village with Luntsu SCA from Department of Soil and Water Conservation, Tuensang as the resource person.
during the programme, the resource person trained the farmers on soil conservation measures and vermicompost. Demonstration on package and practices for winter vegetables was conducted by ATM Imlinukshi Kichu. The block also conducted on mobilization of farmer’s group.

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