Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Trainings on food processing and mushroom cultivation

Skill trainings on food processing and mushroom cultivation under skill development was carried out by ANMA Integrated Development Association (AIDA) – Don Bosco, SBI Gram Seva programme Dimapur under skill development.
A press release by AIDA informed that the trainings were held for the five adopted villages namely Khriezephe, Diezephe, Tsithrongse, Urra and Bade.
The training for Self Help Groups (SHGs) of meat and pickle selling point of Khriezephe and Diezephe was held on March 14 at Life Ministry Learning Centre (LMLC), and Mushroom cultivation at Mushroom Farmers club, Bade Village through Mushroom Development Foundation (MDF) Guwahati. AIDA said these trainings were carried out to provide skilling for unemployed youth, women, SHG members in order to ensure better livelihood opportunities.
AIDA said one day of food processing and two days of mushroom training for women, SHG members was to focus on inclusive and maximum growth and address the challenges faced by the members. Trainings and exposure visits for the women, SHG members to different learning centres in convergence with different organizations/departments help in cross-learning and sharing knowledge among each other.
It said the 27 participants of the meat and pickle selling point SHGs were taught food quality assurance, quality control, food processing and preservation for the food processing training.
The 50 participants of mushroom training were taught the construction of the mushroom house, preparation of straw, incubation/ spawning and casing soil, etc.

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