Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Transfer & posting of bureaucrats

The state government, in partial modification of the May 19 notification, has ordered transfer and posting of 17 IAS/NCS/NSS officers with immediate effect.
Ramakrishnan, IAS, development commissioner shall hold additional charge of law & justice vice Taliremba relieved. Kevileno Angami, commr & secy school education, SCERT and economics & statistics is relieved of economics and statistics. Kevekha Kevin Zehol, NCS commr & secy. agriculture (APC cell) (designate) is retained as commr & secy. excise.
Sushil Kumar Patel, IAS commr & secy. labour & employment and tribal affairs (designate) shall hold additional charge of agriculture and relieved of tribal affairs. Rajesh Soundararajan, IAS, secy to governor, IT&C and eco & statistics (designate) is retained as secy to governor and transport. Mohammed Ali Shihab A, IAS secy. transport (designate) is transferred as secy. IT&C and eco & statistics.
John B Chawang, NCS secy eco & statistics is transferred as secretary home. Angelina Tajen, NCS secy H&FW (designate) is transferred as secy tribal affairs.
Nehumbemo Lotha, NSS, secy tribal affairs is transferred as secy tourism. John Tsulise Sangtam, NCS addl secy rural development is transferred as DC Kiphire.
T. Wati Aier, NCS addl secy school education (designate) is transferred as director DUDA. T. Yanpvuthung Kikon, NCS addl secy tourism is transferred as addl secy school education and SCERT.
Imsongmeren, NCS DC Kiphire (designate) is transferred as jt secy tourism. Nokchasashi, NCS DC Tuensang is transferred jt secy H&FW. Lithrongla T Rutsa, NCS director DUDA is transferred as DC Tuensang. Khonthungo Lotha, NSS jt secy H&FW is transferred as jt secy agriculture and Imtitemsu, NSS, jt secy law & justice (designate) is retained as jt secy art & culture.


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