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Traveling from India to Kenya – Entry Requirements, Travel Restrictions & More

Kenya is a fantastic location for travelers to meet and explore. Hardly is there a safari destination with such heart-warming friendliness and natural beauty.

Besides, the country is full of breathtaking scenery, daring adventure, fantastic weather, recognizable animals, one-of-a-kind attractions, and lovely, kind people.

Its family-friendly tour packages and hotels provide a variety of engaging and enjoyable activities for kids and adults, bringing the enchantment of Africa to life. 

You can trust that your kids will always be safe and well-cared for on a family safari (on and off game drives). 

Every second is watched over by our guides and lodge staff, who keep the kids in their charge entertained for hours and teach them essential lessons.

Each family safari is planned with the help of your specialist guide, taking into account your children’s ages, their interests, your family’s preferences, and the fun seasonal activities available. 

You can embark on a Kenyan safari to celebrate your romance and create family bonds and lifelong memories. 

This breakdown explores how you, too, can plan your family travel from India to Kenya, the best time to travel, visa application requirements, and any travel restrictions you may face.

The best time to travel from India to Kenya for a safari. 

The dry season, which lasts from July to September, corresponds with the Great annual wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara. It is also the best time to travel to Kenya on a wildlife safari.

The migration features the mass exodus of more than two million beasts in a life-threatening and epic crossing of the crocodile-rich Mara River.

Besides the wildebeest, there are abundant herds of zebra, impala, gazelles, and other herbivores.

While most Kenyan parks are a haven for wildlife throughout the year, the annual wildebeest migration remains the most dramatic spectacle on the tourism calendar. 

For most visitors, it is one of the most compelling reasons they visit Kenya.

That is not to say that you should not travel during the wet season.

On the contrary, traveling during the wet seasons is also recommended because there are fewer tourists and you can see the stunning emerald flora.

Kenya is excellent in December since the rains are brief, and you can view baby animals and migratory bird species. 

However, please note that the ‘long rains’ peak in March, April, and May are stormy.

Kenya travel restrictions for travelers from India. 

Any person over 12 years entering the country at a port of entry must provide documentation of their Covid-19 vaccination or a negative Covid-19 test result.

Travelers under 12 are excluded from the testing and immunization requirements. 

For the test to be genuine, it must have been performed within 72 hours before the traveler’s departure for Kenya.

Any traveler over 12 years who enters Kenya without proof of immunization or a negative test result or who exhibits flu-like symptoms will be required to pay for the Covid-19 antigen test. 

Each required antigen test carries a fee of USD 30.

Should such a traveler test positive for the antigen test, they shall be subjected to a second PCR test at 50 USD, which the traveler shall pay.

Besides the Covid-19 requirements, travelers shall also be required to furnish Yellow Fever vaccination certificates when coming into the country.

Your physician can guide you further on procuring the Yellow Fever vaccination before travel.

The Entry Requirements for travel to Kenya from India. 

India was one of the nations most negatively impacted by the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak. Because of this, most nations worldwide prohibit India’s citizens from entering their borders. 

However, as the months passed, Kenya’s tourism sector resumed regular life, with the country receiving arrivals from India.

When traveling to Kenya from India, the best way to process your travel documents is to apply in advance. 

This option increases your likelihood of acceptance because you have more time to gather the necessary paperwork.

It also allows you sufficient time to edit your application and get more detailed expert feedback. 

When taking a Kenya safari from India, you can apply for an East Africa tourist visa weeks or months before your departure date. 

The entire visa application exercise is conducted online on

Besides having a valid passport and visa, you will also be required to visit the Kenya Ministry of Health website and fill out a Health Declaration form. advises applying for the Health Declaration just one week before your departure for Kenya to make the most of the duration of your negative COVID-19 certificate.

Please note that you have four days from the time you get it to use your health declaration. It is legitimate for just one entry. 

If you leave Kenya, you must begin a new process to re-enter the Health Declaration. 

The East Africa Tourist Visa is suitable for multiple entry and permits you to stay in Kenya for 90 days following its issuance.

Visa application requirements for travel from India to Kenya.

To apply for your visa, please visit

Once there, open a new online form and fill out the necessary fields.

You will need to enclose a copy of your passport when applying.

After that, a QR code shall be sent via email to your preferred email address.

Please save this code on your mobile device, as it may be required to be furnished at your port of entry into the country.

You may also reserve a print of the QR Code and have it on you as you travel, just in case your mobile device runs out of power.

Processing of a Kenya Visa typically takes 6 Business Days – US$97.99 for Standard Processing.

Meanwhile, expedited processing costs US$133.99 and takes 4 Business Days, while Super Rush processing takes only two business days at $174.99.

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