Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Tribal hohos adopt 7-pt resolution; threaten to boycott ULB elections

The tribal hohos of Nagaland, which adoped seven-point resolution at a consultative meeting held at Commissioner’s Guest House, Kohima on March 27, 2023, have resolved that they would be compelled to “boycott” the ULB elections if the government failed to adhere to the demands.
The hohos suggested that until and unless the Nagaland Municipal Act 2001 was reviewed and rewritten, ULB election be deferred.
Describing the Nagaland Municipal Act 2001 as “a borrowed Act”, the hohos stated that in the context of the Naga people, any part/section of the Act that infringed Article 371(A) should therefore be “reviewed and rewritten” in complete consonance with the voice of the Naga people. They demanded that the word “omission/omitted” used in the subsequent amendments of NMA 2001, demanded that in respect to “Land and Building Taxation”, “Scheduled Caste” and in sections wherever they occur, should be totally substituted with the word “deletion/deleted”
They said that reservation of the office of the chairperson for women was a deprivation provision to the rightful candidate and was therefore “unacceptable.”
In this regard, the hohos demanded that office of the chairperson by reservation or by rotation should be totally revoked/annulled so the elected members could democratically elect the rightful candidate (a scheduled tribe indigenous inhabitant of Nagaland) to the office of the chairperson from among themselves, be it man or woman. Further, the hohos asked the state government to give a “clean chit/guarantee” to the people of Nagaland that “33% Women Reservation” does not infringe Art 371 (A) before rushing to conduct the ULB election.
The tribal hohos demanded that the government clearly specify the tenures or the time duration of the application of 33% women reservation. The hohos suggested that the duration of the application of 33% women reservation should not exceed more than two tenures. The hohos have assured “fullest cooperation” to the government in the conduct of ULB elections if their demands were “timely fulfilled”.
Meanwhile, the house also resolved that respective tribal hohos and the frontal organisations would oversee respective jurisdictions and ensure that till the government fulfilled the demands, no candidate file the nomination so that ULB election was not held.
The house warned that anyone violating the resolutions of tribal hohos would be dealt with appropriate action as per respective customary laws.
Meanwhile, the tribal hohos have asked the state government to bring to the knowledge of the concerned people and groups the report of the JIC report on January 31, 2017 Dimapur incident where two persons were killed.
The signatories of the resolution included Lotha Hoho (LH) chairman Er. Mhondamo Ovung, Ao Senden president Chubawati Longchar, Angami Public Organization (APO) president Razouvotuo Chatsu, Chakhesang Public Organisation (CPO) president Vezühü Keyho, Sumi Hoho (SH) president I Nikheto Jimomi, Pochury Hoho president Chonpa Jurry, Rengma Hoho president Pollem Tep, TPO K Gwanilo Himb, Nagaland Zeliang People Organisation (NZPO) president Kevipele Iheilung, CNTC president T Lanu Imchen, LH general secretary S Abenthung Ngullie, NZPO member Gaigwang, Kohima Lotha Hoho chairman C Pankathung Lotha, KT Vilie and SH general secretary Dr. Vihuto Asumi.


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