Monday, November 28, 2022

Two Noklak youth make e-bike from scrap materials

A battery-operated electric bike developed by two local innovators from the Noklak district under the theme “Not Guns But Machines”, was launched by ‘Wheels of Nagas’ (WoN) a micro enterprise (MSME) on Wednesday in the presence of deputy commissioner Haizu Meru and superintendent of police Dr. Pritpal Kaur.
The bike weighing 120kg, 4 feet 6 inches long and 3 feet 6 inches in height was developed by Tumong and P. Khuming of DEF Noklak using items from scrap, except the battery (250W). The project was an initiative founded by SP Noklak called “Innovative Noklak”.
According to TNIE, it was Pritpal Kaur’s concept, given shape by her driver P Khuming and a mechanic Tumong.
In the SP’s words, both are excellent mechanics. The two innovators said their dream had come true.
Tumong shot to fame earlier by manufacturing a cooking-cum-drying machine, an oil expeller and other low-cost machines for farmers.
“A few months ago, SP madam asked me if I could come up with an electric bike. I said I could put in an effort but I would need the logistics, including a helper. She arranged for a welding machine and sent her driver to assist me. I am happy that our efforts have paid off,” Tumong said.
Khuming said he was happy to be a part of the project. “I joined Tumong after being released by the SP madam. It was a great experience working on the project where we used mostly scrap,” he said.
Kaur, who is also a dentist, said the bike was made out of necessity. Special Secretary (Home) SR Saravanan had motivated her and the two innovators, Kaur added.
“Some people in Noklak make beautiful guns. Earlier, the farmers here would dry their large cardamom by burning firewood but the smoke took away its flavour and as such, its price.
Then, Tumong manufactured a low-cost machine and it is helping people tremendously,” the SP added.
Also speaking at the inaugural programme, DC Noklak said there was no dearth of talent among the people of Noklak. The only thing needed is to hone their skills, he added.
He encouraged the youth to work hard for upliftment of the society. He pulled the ribbon from electric bicycle/bike and said that today history has been created in Noklak for this initiative.
Khiamniungan Tribal Council (KTC) president M Thangou said instead of making weapons, one should focus on making legal products in a better way.
Earlier, the programme began with invocation prayer by chaplain Mano. The vote of thanks was delivered by Thang Range Public Organisation (TRPO) president Hangthing and benediction by Pangong of DEF Noklak.

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