Wednesday, March 29, 2023

UCC driven by Hindu Nation resolve of BJP-RSS: Cong

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Congress party has claimed that a “draconian law” like the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) was driven by the Hindu Nation resolve of the BJP and RSS– directly attacking the identity of 104 million scheduled tribes comprising of 8% of the total population of India.
Addressing a press conference at Congress Bhavan here on Friday, All India Congress Committee (AICC) media coordinator and Supreme Court advocate Mahima Singh said that while BJP would swear on UCC for the 2024 general election, it would be doing so in “deliberate ignorance” of the unique identity of each of the 17 Naga tribes out of the total 705 recognised tribes.
Mahima Singh said that NDPP’s close friends (BJP) have a problem with the Naga identity– true pride of Naga people.
AICC spokesperson alleged that “corruption-laden Rio government has shown the way into operation lotus and the Hindu Rashtra project of the BJP.” She claimed that chief minister Rio has become “obsequious to the BJP” following into the footsteps of Assam and Meghalaya.
Mahima Singh said that BJP knows only one colour (saffron) and was clearly acting to undermine white colour, which depicts the unity in diversity of Indian culture and also the truth.
Further, AICC media coordinator claimed that draconian law of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) along with National Register of Citizens (NRC) render innocent people of Nagaland, many of whose ancestors had settled here generations ago, homeless because they might not be able to show the papers that the saffron party (BJP) asks for.
In the light of the above, the Congress spokesperson questioned the state chief minster whether he would allow the Hindu nation resolve of the BJP to pierce through the indigenous culture, the unique culture of Nagas or would he speak up?
Mahima Singh also asked the Nagas whether they would allow politics of slogans to overpower the politics of indigenous rights?
Congress party also asked whether the voters of Nagaland stand against the politics of polarisation, hatred Hinduisation of their cultures?
She said that strengthening the voice of Naga people has always been the resolve of Congress party and would remain so.
Also, addressing the press conference, AICC media coordinator Sujata Paul said that Congress had been consistently raising people issues, but there has been no response from the NDPP-BJP. She said it shows the “I don’t care attitude” of the NDPP-BJP, adding that such attitude occurs when an opposition-less government was in place.
She said that the Congress in spite of not being in the assembly, had played the role of opposition.
Others present at the press conference included newly appointed member Khekashi Sumi, communications department chairman Wezote Kreo and NPCC secretary and spokesperson Yanger.


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