Sunday, January 29, 2023

UDA insulted ENPO by putting the onus on GoI, says Therie

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) president K. Therie has accused the NDPP, BJP and NPF (UDA government) of ignoring Eastern Nagaland People’s Organisation (ENPO) and driving them further towards the demand for Frontier Nagaland state.
Hitting out at the three parties for not being committed to uphold the integrity of Nagaland State, Therie said it was because they did not have a heart to address the grievances of ENPO. He said the UDA constituents and government of having insulted ENPO by putting the onus on the Centre. “This would be understood as clearance to push harder,” he said. Maintaining that the integrity of Nagaland State was the theme of Congress, Therie appealed to the UDA to talk with ENPO and address their grievances.
Therie said people of Nagaland were travelling into an unknown future under the UDA comprising of NDPP, BJP and NPF and throwing up an uncertainty on whether elections would be held or not.
With the intensive negotiations taking place since September, Therie said some have pinned their hopes on Naga settlement and expected President’s Rule to implement the agreed political solution. However, he said it was not known what would be the new features of the negotiations.
Therie also said that the state government had never sat seriously with the negotiating teams to evolve agenda for amicable settlement.
Further, Therie said it was also not known as to what kind of inner understanding may have been arrived at between Union Home Minister Amit Shah and the ENPO on the demand for Frontier Nagaland state. “It is anybody’s guess that voting for BJP will be a factor in consideration of the demand,” he stated.
Accusing the state government for allowing the Centre to play with the future of the people of Nagaland for too long, Therie said: “They have no vision of our future. They have lost the courage to stand up for the people.”
Perhaps, Therie alleged that it was because of “the fear for funding insurgents and unknown sources of income in their bank accounts,” that they only wanted protection from the BJP government. He said the 12 BJP legislators have virtually ruled for five years because of this fear.
Therie said that the state government should be aware of the future of Nagaland as the people wanted them “to evolve a peaceful and amicable agenda with NSCN (I-M) under the Framework Agreement for Nagaland has agreed in principle with the Working Committee’s Agreed Position.”

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