Friday, June 2, 2023

UDP sees ‘change’ if party wins Sohiong Assembly seat

The United Democratic Party (UDP)’s East Khasi Hills District president Titosstarwell Chyne on Saturday said there could be a “change” if the party were to win the Sohiong seat.
“We have already counted Sohiong constituency as belonging to UDP. It is up to you to ensure (victory). It was bad luck that we won only 11 seats, we will work hard to ensure victory in this constituency so that our number will increase. If UDP increases its seats, we do not know what will come up next. If we win Sohiong, there may be change, who knows. Politics is unpredictable,” he said while addressing a meeting here.
Election to Sohiong Assembly seat had to be adjourned after UDP candidate HDR Lyngdoh passed away days before the February 27 election; elections were held for 59 of the 60 Assembly seats.
The UDP was part of a group that had attempted to form a non-NPP government after the elections threw up a fractured mandate. That, however, fell through when the two HSPDP MLAs and two Independents instead offered support to NPP, which had already secured the support of the two BJP MLAs, taking their combined number to 32 and in a position to form the government; it was then just a matter of time for UDP to also follow suit and join the government along with the two PDF legislators.
Speaking at the programme, candidate for Sohiong seat, Synshar Lyngdoh Thabah, assured the people that he will work hard along with other MLAs to direct the arrow of development to Hynniewtrep.
UDP president Metbah Lyngdoh officially declared the candidature of Thabah at the meeting organised by the Sohiong unit of the party.
Stating that the state is losing out in many ways, Thabah said, “The last five years have been a dry spell in terms of development. There is a pause, there is a switch, there is a shift in the direction in terms of development in our state and the same goes for my constituency.”
Recalling that he had been following late HDR Lyngdoh during his campaigns, Thabah sought the support of the people.
It was learnt that Thabah was being groomed to be the party’s candidate for the 2024 KHADC elections, but went on to be the candidate for Sohiong assembly election.
Meanwhile, the UDP president said that the party had expected to win 15-17 seats but won 11in the recent Assembly election.
The party is eyeing Sohiong constituency hoping to add another number to its strength of 11 MLAs.
The party meeting held at the premises of HDR Lyngdoh’s home at Sohiong was attended by many supporters of the party.
As for the MDA 2.0 coalition government, he said, “We are working together as partners and we have not joined hands with the NPP. UDP is a party and we will remain so.”
An emotional gathering
Nathaniel Osbert Rymmai, the son of HDR Lyngdoh, spoke about his late father. Rymmai choked with emotions as he remembered his father and spoke about his teachings.
As Rymmai got emotional, Thabah got up from his seat to comfort him. The leaders on the dais and the people present at the function were seen wiping their tears, moved by Rymmai’s emotions.
Rymmai extended his support to Thabah, who is a relative.
Recalling his father’s words, he said, “He taught me about how to take things forward and not to make any business out of serving people.”


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