Tuesday, January 31, 2023

UKYO, SBABT celebrate respective jubilees

Upper Khomi Youth Organization (UKYO) and Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Bhandari Town (SBABT) celebrated their respective jubilees in Phek and Bhandari town respectively.
UKYO golden jubilee: The golden jubilee celebration of Upper Khomi Youth Organization (UKYO)-cum-inauguration of the newly constructed playground of Upper Khomi Village under Phek was inaugurated by special guest, president, Chakhesang Youth Organization Kohima (CYOK), Vevoyi W. D. Vadeo on December 12.
In his address, Vadeo said jubilee was a time to celebrate the milestone, achievements and successes of the youth and also to remember the pioneers who have made sacrificed to lay the foundation.
He said with the blessings of the pioneers, Upper Khomi has become the centre of excellence in all spheres.
Meanwhile, guest of honour of the occasion, president of Centre Chakhesang Public Organisation (CCPO),Shepo Dzudo called upon the youth to live a life of righteous and challenged them to be an initiator of change.
He also mooted the idea of planting ornamental and fruit trees from Pfutsero to Phek for income generation and also to attract tourists and visitors.
Further, he advised the people to not let any elements or force destroy the unity of the 17th Chizami AC and urged the public to elect leaders who would represent and stand for the people and development.
Earlier, Kulupoyi V Vadeo delivered the presidential address and the blessing prayer and released of the UKYO Constitution was initiated by, pastor CBC East Dimapur, Rev. Dr. Nuvocho Dzudo.
The golden jubilee souvenir was released by the special guest who also unveiled the monolith and inaugurated the new playground. The golden jubilee edition of the sports meet will culminate on December 15 with four khels competing in various sports and athletic events.
SBABT silver jubilee: Sumi Baptist Akukuhou Bhandari Town (SBABT) celebrated Silver Jubilee under the theme “Rock of Ages (psalm 31:3) on December 10 and 11 at Bhandari town.
Er .K. Hukato Shohe, SDO PHED, Bhandari in his speech expressed gratitude to the pioneers of the church saying that they deserve the appreciation.
He also emphasized that jubilee was a reminder of God’s faithfulness to his people who should be humble and grateful enough to seek His grace.
The monolith was unveiled by theme speaker, Vihoto T. Tuccu, Field Supervisor NSBAK Aqakito, who also released the souvenir.
Atozheli Sumi associate professor, SBC Dimapur was the speaker at the first service, and Rev. Khehoshe, Missionary Assam spoke at the last service.
Jubilee greetings was shared by Akihito Sumi, Assistant Commandant 7th NAP Bhandari and Nitoli Shohe ex-pastor Bhandari.
Highlights of the celebration included jubilee songs by jubilee choir Amboto, welcome address and services dedication by Inoka Chopy, pastor Bhandari and vote of thanks by L.Shiyiho Awomi chairman, Jubilee Planning Board.

Vihoto T. Tuccu and others after unveiling the monolith. (DIPR)
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