Sunday, February 5, 2023

Unchangeable position of NNC/FGN

Today, amidst the hullabaloo of different public opinions, different political factions and groups resounding with the clattering of ‘Naga Political Solution’, there happens to be some bunch of people yet again who at the top of their voices cry out that the case of the Nagas be decided and be solved. Will the ‘Naga Political Solution” be under the purview of our immediate neighbour country’s constitution of India? Or will that be outside its jurisdiction and constitution? Those who demand Naga Solution from India, are themselves absolutely confused and they are trying to confuse others as well.
Naga National Council (NNC)/Federal Government of Nagaland (FGN) are not demanding anything from India, rather we are only trying to protect and defend what is ours already given to us by our unquestionable political history. Nevertheless, there are still some politicaly blind groups who are eager to board the surrendering bandwagon misguided by some well organised treacherous puppets with borrowed slogan of ‘Naga Solution/Political Settlement’ for blood money and positions. But as for NNC and FGN we don’t belong to any of these political groups or congregations who have no mandate from the Naga people. They represent only to themselves as they have no mandate to solve the Naga Political Issue because our mandate was not given to any of them or they have no authority to solve our Naga Political Issue.
We, NNC/FGN, don’t even know what kind of settlement they’re praying for from our enemy country India or what solution they are going to usher in. Whatever it is, if it is short of absolute sovereignty, we will not accept it. We have already declared it before in many occasions and even today we hereby once again reaffirmed our declaration and make our stand known to the public that we stand by the ‘Plebiscite of 1951’ without the slightest compromise.
The aspiration and yearning of the Naga people from the beginning is peace and freedom, without any control from foreign nation or nations. An aspiration that the Naga National Movement has is a movement to defend our sovereignty and liberty. We are not misguided Nagas as accused by our enemy, don’t be deceived, we are patriotic Nagas, we cannot allow ourselves to be subjugated or colonised by others who did not conquest us at all. Our ancestors were hardworking, honest, courageous, hospitable, frank, sincere and committed, warriors, humble but erudite, absolutely honourable people and it is a disgrace and shameful to dishonour them for the interest of blood money and positions. We cannot be yoked together with those who neither honour our values and customary practices nor honour their own words and commitments.
The case of the Nagas is different and distinctive in nature to any other case, we are never secessionists, we have never made any undertaking or the likes to become a part of the new independent India at any point of time. We have a cause and therefore, if we are not cautious and be vigilant of our legitimate rights, it may get boomerang and we will be wounded instead. We have suffered overwhelmingly in the past, both from within and from the enemy country. So now, we cannot afford to face the same past mistakes. Know all men, one day deceitful collaborators and traitors will have no place in our civilized society because sooner or later truth will prevail inevitably as it is the most powerful weapon in the world. Let them do what they are doing but know that at the end of the day ‘Truth will Prevail’ and Nagas will win.
As such, this is what I want to convey to all the Naga people to be very careful and be on guard at such a time like this. Be cautious and let us reason together and stand for the legitimate rights of the Nagas given to us by our history, so that our future generations will remain proud and continue to live in our values and dignity with a fulfilling life, life’s purpose as created by our Almighty God, and lead a successful life with prosperity. God bless Nagaland.
Gen. (Rtd) Thinoselie M. Keyho, President, Naga National Council, Oking, Kohima-Nagaland

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