Thursday, February 2, 2023

Unemployment menace in the state

Most unfortunately, today Nagaland is riddled with unprecedented high unemployment. The report read that Nagaland has one of the highest rate of unemployment in India. However, it seems no one has the grit to talk about honestly as to what had led this unemployment menace to shot up astronomically over the years other than haranguing the youths to be hard working, to be skilled and even tagging them as a lethargic and couch potato.
The stats shows that, our state is producing anywhere between 7 to 9 thousands graduates every year from different fields. Of which not all of them are lazy. In fact, there are some promising youths who really work hard to find themselves to be employed. It’s just that they are eagerly waiting for the platform. Unfortunately, owing to lack of political will the state is lagging far behind in almost all fronts that the many youths in our state find less scope due to desperately want of infrastructure and development.
While it is no denying the fact that, no government of anywhere will be able to provide jobs to all the educated youths in public sector, however in the context of Nagaland, if it would have been implemented on the grounds of these few points mentioned below in letter and in spirit, it would have been thought to be beneficial not only for the state alone but also definitely open up many avenues that will minimize the unemployment menace in a huge way. Has all these materialized on time besides other things it will verily add humongous revenue to the state coffer.

  1. Expedite the construction process of the medical college in Kohima so as to start functioning at the earliest. And also, the medical college in Mon district should start its constructions process without any further delay.
  2. The full-fledged high court complex of our own should be completed at the soonest possible time.
  3. Oil exploration in Wokha district and elsewhere should start drilling.
  4. Wazeho cement factory at Phek district should be revisited and start its production.
  5. Plywood factory at Tizit which comes under Mon district and that of pulp and paper mill in Tuli at Mokokchung district should be rejuvenated.
  6. Sugar mill in Dimapur should be revived.
  7. Setting up engineering colleges and more technical institute in the state will do great service to the citizens of the state as a whole.
  8. Vocational training institute in every district to trained the local youths should be set up while the sports and music should be given more attention.
    These are some of the few points, that if made into functional it will definitely open up many job avenues for the upcoming promising youths who are desperately waiting for the platform thereby it will minimize the menace of unemployment in Nagaland.
    Y. Mhonchumo Humtsoe
    MA (International Relation)
    North East Christian University
    (The views expressed are of writer’s personal opinion and do not represent the stand of the University)
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