Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Unidentified body recovered in Dimapur

Dimapur police has informed that dead body of an unidentified female, 18-20 years (approximate) was recovered on June 7 outside the railway track at KM260/1 (near over-bridge) Dimapur.
According to Dimapur police PRO, inquest was conducted over the dead body and the cause of death was suspected to be due to illness and starvation.
PRO has given the description of the deceased as following – dark complexion, wearing pink kurta, pant (silver colour), black shawl (chunni), bracelet (gold colour) on left hand, nose ring (silver colour) on the left side of the nose and two tattoo on her left hand marked “ELAR” and the other tattoo not legible.
On completion of all legal formalities, PRO said the dead body was shifted to District Hospital Dimapur Morgue for post-mortem examination /identification.
Further, PRO has requested claimant/relatives/friends of the deceased to contact Officer-in-Charge, GRPS Dimapur at 7085055021.


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