Saturday, December 10, 2022

Upgrade Dhansiripar GHS: DNH

Dimasa Naisho Hosom (DNH) Dhansiriparsub-division, Chümoukedima has requested the state government to upgrade Dhansiripar Government High School (GHS) to Government Higher Secondary School.
In a press release, DNH said despite being one of the oldest GHSs in Nagaland, Dhansiripar GHS remained neglected till date. It said several applications/memorandums were submitted to the government of Nagaland for up gradation of the school to higher secondary level, however, the government remained deaf to the pleas till today.
DNH also pointed out that the school has been functioning for last one year without mathematics and science teacher due to which the syllabus of mathematics/science subjects have not been completed and students had to resort to private tuitions.
In this regard, DNH has asked the government to provide subject teachers to the school. It also maintained that “negligence to the Dhansiripar sub-division is felt in all departments”.

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