Friday, March 24, 2023

USBLA organises prayer programme for candidates


United Sangtam Baptist Lithroti Ashimükhong (USBLA) organized a special prayer program for the intending of 52 Assembly Constituency Longkhim-Chare for the forthcoming general election on February 15 at United Sangtam Churches Association Mission Centre, Yangli.
Dedicatory prayer and word of God was ministered by Executive Secretary USBLA, Rev. Y. Imtiba. He said that the church is the moral institution and they stand firmly rooted in the clean election movement initiated by Nagaland Baptist Church Council. He thanked all the three candidates for manifesting the virtue of obedience and coming to attend the programme.
United Sangtam Likhum Pümji president, Aliba Sangtam in his short speech advised the candidates, chief agents, party workers and voters to be more cautious so as to avoid possible problems and dangers during the fortcoming election.
A time to share the mission and vision from all the three candidates were given where all the candidates participated positively. The candidates for the forthcoming general election from 52 A/C Longkhim-Chare are Muthingnyuba Sangtam, Sethri Sangtam and H. Sethrongkyu Sangtam.
Addressing a welcome speech, Youth Secretary of USBLA, Tsilise highlighted that the intentions of organizing the programme was to invoke God’s abundant blessings for the candidates and help them remain purposefully faithful in the clean election movement.
Thanking all who made the program a success, USBLA further urged all the voters to remain steadfast in the clean election movement. The program ended with a ‘kneel-down’ gesture of prayer.


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