Friday, March 24, 2023

Various bodies call for peaceful election

Northern Angani Youth Organisation (NAYO), Urra Area Villages’ Youth Organization (UAVYO), D’Block Panchayat and Oriental Colony Youth Organization (OCYO) have resolved and called for peaceful conduct of election for clean and safe atmosphere within their respective jurisdictions on the polling day of the 14th NLA election 2023.
NAYO: Northern Angani Youth Organisation (NAYO) has informed the public various rules and regulations to be followed within its jurisdiction during the ensuing election on February 27.
In a notification NAYO president, Roko Angami and general secretary Ruokuoneitso Kire, informed that other no outsider or visitor(s) from other constituencies would be given entry.
It also informed that NAYO members without their vote in a constituency will not be allowed to vote in proxy while one person would be allowed to vote only once and warned that money will not be used to influence votes.
NAYO cautioned that anyone found violating the above rules would be penalised.
UAVYO: Urra Area Villages’ Youth Organization (UAVYO) consisting of 13 villages under 3- Dimapur III A/C has encouraged all its units to maintain a peaceful environment.
In a notice, UAVYO president Müdozoi Shijoh and secretary Ghukiye Zhimomi, has restricted individuals, groups or outsiders from disturbing the harmony and peaceful co-existence of the area.
The organization cautioned that it will not be held responsible for any unwanted circumstance and therefore, creating of such unwanted situation shall be on their own risk.
Meanwhile the organization also extended its best wishes to all the candidates of the constituency.
D’Block Panchayat: D’Block Panchayat in a joint meeting with the Goan Buras, youth organisation unanimously resolved various points for clean and safe atmosphere within its colony.
In a press release, colony chairman, Senokha Losou and GB, Ruokuovilhou Belho stated that to ensure one man, one vote, outsiders from other colony would not be allowed to cast proxy vote and informed that no outside intruders would be allowed to enter any polling station.
It further cautioned that any person from within the colony or outside disturb the polling process, severe action would be taken against them and also serving tea/snacks in the polling station would not be allowed.
OCYO: Oriental Colony Youth Organization (OCYO) has informed all the general public that the organisation does not encourage or support any form of malpractice or illegal activities inside the colony jurisdiction during the election.
In a press release, president OCYO, Evan Lotha Chujangtemsu has strongly warned against any misconduct or creating any unnecessary dispute or conflict by an individual/group during the polling day.
It has also informed that no outsiders/persons will be allowed to enter the colony polling station on the polling day.

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